Holiday photo diary: Stockholm, Sweden

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
This is the third part of my holiday photo dairy series, this time it is Stockholm, Sweden! We had two stops in Sweden and Stockholm was the first. I have never been to Stockholm and I was excited to go - we didn't book a Royal Caribbean tour for this place, we went by our selves. 
We got off the coach into the city centre and we walked to the parliament building and then the royal palace which in all honesty does not look like a royal palace - the Parliament building looks a lot nicer from the outside. We walked up to the palace and there was only one guard standing outside dressed up - and you can just walk into the palace courtyard! You could never do something like that in Buckingham palace and you could go inside the palace, we did for a couple of places but for the rest you needed to buy a ticket. We then walked around the numerous squares and tourist spots (and there were quite a lot of tourists) and the prices of the souvenirs (and everything really) was expensive! I did buy a mug from Stockholm which I love and I use it almost everyday for my gingerbread latte. We were told by other tourists that the changing of the guard at the palace was going to take place soon so we when it watch and it is was very very busy with tourists and the guards were a bit...pushy with the swords and the tourists were very pushy so I didn't really get to see much - some people are so rude - so that experience was a bit awkward and not very nice at all. 

Anyway we went looking around the more modern area of the city with department stores and we came across a Monki store! I love Monki so I had to go in, there is a Monki store in England but it is in London - I bought a tee and we went back to the ship. Overall, I have mixed feelings about going to Stockholm, it was an experience and I am very glad I went - and I love the way Scandinavian women dress, so chic and very simple! But the experience at the palace wasn't great and there didn't seem to be that much to do. 


  1. I'm moving to Stockholm in a few months, I really like it there even though the people is cold and everything is so expensive.
    I do think that the best things about Sweden are outside the big cities, the Swedish countryside is beautiful and cozy, I'd love to have a house there by a lake xx

  2. Lovely pictures! Stockholm is a gorgeous city!

  3. Oh, I'm thinking of doing my masters in Stockholm and this is very interesting to see/read! x

    9 out of ten | follow me on bloglovin

  4. Looks like you had a great time! I visited here last year and loved how good some of the shops were! I lived in Finland last year and i know what you mean about the people, they seem rude but when you get to know them they are lovely people :) xx


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