Holiday Photo Diary: Helsinki, Finland

Thursday, September 12, 2013
Here is the second part of my holiday photo diary and this one is all about Helsinki, Finland! This is part of the cruise again with royal Caribbean that I went on this august - I would definitely recommend royal Caribbean cruises and especially this cruise to Scandinavia and Russia.
The morning we woke up in Finland we hadn't docked yet and it was pouring down with rain - I haven't been on a ship on the sea when it was raining before, it looked quite strange and it didn't look like it was going to be a great day. When we were getting off the ship the rain was very heavy and it was about 17 degrees Celsius - in august! I went out of the ship, in the rain and wind and cold with just a jumper, cardigan, jeans and my ballet flats so I had to go back on the ship to get my coat! Not a great start to the day and we had a walking tour booked!
We got on a coach for the first half because it was pouring down and chilly - in the middle of august, although the rest of the day was gorgeous and sunny so I broke out my Free People Mr Cleaver Sunglasses (sale) which I love. We walked around the city, from souvenir shops, the rock church (Temppeliaukion Church), Finlandia hall, the city centre and finally the Helsinki cathedral/The Helsinki Lutheran Cathedral. We also walked to the Töölönranta resteraunt which was gorgeous inside, it has a fireplace and sofas - we had tea and pastries and then walked through the park.

Overall, I really liked Helsinki but as a capital city it wasn't as busy or congested as I imagined it to be. I would go back to Finland again, probably to northern Finland to see the northern lights.


  1. Hope you'll have an amazing time - let me know if you visit Stockholm :O). Xx

  2. I had a great time, and we did go to Stockholm, my Stockholm photo diary is coming soon :) x

  3. Love your jumper, have a great time!


  4. I can see you were prepared for the weather suprises in Finland. Lovely jacket :)


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