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Thursday, June 20, 2013
About a week ago I was browsing Hqhair, love that site, and I came across their 70% off sale so naturally I had to have a look! I found some incredible bargains, I really had to restrain myself - even so I bought six things from Caudalie, Burts Bees, KMS, Loreal, Essie and Anatomicals. The day after I bought these things, they were gone from the site, along with other amazing cheap products unfortunately. 
The first three items I bought were from Anatomicals, Loreal and KMS California. I have heard a lot of good things about the Anatomicals The Holy Grail For The Deathly Pale Self Tan (phew) and as it was only £3.45 - I had to try it. As the weather in the UK is really nice and sunny now, finally, I wanted to try some self tanners and gradual tanners so I will report back when I have tried this. Next I bought the Loreal Nutrigloss Shine Cream Conditioner which was super cheap at only £1.85 for 250ml. I also bought a hair care set from KMS California from the FreeShape range. I have tried the kms freeshape blow dry spray and the freeshape hot flex spray (both of which I love) and I really wanted to try the matching products. This set contains the shampoo, deep conditioner and the hot flex creme. The best thing about it, the price, it was only £5.05 (strange price I know) but it should have been around £15. 
The final three items I bought are from Burts bees, Essie and Caudalie. Firstly, Estee from Essie button (love her) mentioned the Burts Bees honey & shea body scrub in one of her videos and when I saw that it was on sale for £3.85 I thought I would try it as I love most things recommended by Estee. But now that I have it, I am not too keen on the scent - it smells very strange! Next up is a nail polish from Essie called 'love & acceptance' and I freakin' LOVE this shade! It is a gorgeous mix between a dove grey and lilac which I would not have picked up if not for the super cheap price of £2.95 - yes, £2.95 for a full size Essie polish. Finally, a fragrance (50ml) and shower gel set from Caudalie. I have been eyeing up these sets for a while and as this was on sale for only £7.80 and the RRP is around £29 I added it to my basket immediately. The scent is the 'fleur de vigne' scent which is super fresh, light and very refreshing/uplifting and I love it - although it only lasts for about two hours on me. Review coming soon for some of the products in this haul. 

Hope you like this haul, unfortunately these items are not at the sale prices anymore as far as I know but the start of summer sales are beginning now so hopefully there will be some more bargains x

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  1. Hi lovely! I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I love your blog! I wondered if you wanted to do a button swap? If so email me back
    Thank you!

  2. I love that essie colour I have to get it!!! I think purple/grey tones are so nice on the nails and can work for summer and winter months. Loved this post.

    Hannah xx

  3. I'd love to try the sugar scrub, it sounds so nice!

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  4. LOVE that Essie color! Such a great classic shade for Spring.

  5. I think that the smell of the Burt's Bees scrub is a grower. I wasn't sure at first, but now I absolutely love it!

    Lucy x

  6. great haul! ive ordered off hqhair once in the past and the shipping time and customer service were both lacking so i havent been on their site since. you grabbed so many things at bargain prices :D

    xo; L&M
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