April Birchbox!

Monday, April 15, 2013

1. Natio Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser: Its a 20ml sample so it is a good size but I have never tried anything from this brand before so I am a bit cautious as my skin is sensitive - and my eczema is going a little bit crazy right now so I probably wont try it yet. It smells quite nice and floral but this product does contain parabens which isn't great. 

2. La Societe Parisienne De Savons Savon Surfin Greco-Deco Soap: phew! Firstly, the packaging is gorgeous so I may give this to my mum as it looks so nice. The soap is packaged beautifully and the soap smells really nice too!

3. Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Pencil (shade: 14 perfect kiss): This is a glossy lip pencil and the packaging looks really nice. The shade is a bright pink with lots of gold shimmer. I tried this today and the shade is really pretty but the gold shimmer stays on the lips when the colour has faded which is disappointing and the shade isn't very wearable. 

4. Gerda Spillmann Anti-Aging Serum: Its only a 3ml sample but it may be nice. I haven't tried it yet as I said my eczema is being annoying so I can't try any new skincare yet - and I don't really need this as it is anti-aging and I am only 20 (well 21 in a few months). 

5. BirchBox Let The Sunshine In Mirror: A pretty mirror and it is useful but it isn't made very well because I can move the mirror in the case! In my opinion, this is an unnecessary cheaply made addition. 

6. Welda Skin Food Cream: Yet another skincare product in this box - how many skincare samples do they think we can get through! This is made for dry and rough skin so it may work for my skin but I'm not going to start using it yet - but I have heard good things about this brand. 

Overall, I am not very happy with this box - in my opinion the previous boxes from Birchbox have been amazing! But this box is a disappointment.

My thoughts go out to everyone in Boston x


  1. Thanks for the good, honest review Heather, I have been looking into some of these beauty boxes for a while, going to hold off while I try and finish some products I have! I tend to hoard otherwise...

    Zoe xx

    1. That is one of the problems with these boxes - you end up with loads of samples and mainly just skincare samples! xx

  2. Shame about the mirror because that could have been really nice xx


  3. I'm curious of Glossy kiss pencil! ^_^

  4. Love Glossy pencil!! Tancks fou you comment!

  5. So annoying when you receive a box you are not happy with! I guess that the risk with these boxes.



  6. Really interesting box, many brands really unknow to me!
    Now I´m following you in GFC and Bloglovin´
    I hope your follow me back


  7. i guess with thesse boxes you get your bad days and your good days. Sorry that this month is a bad one. Hope next month they will make it up to you!

    Delightful Ideas


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