Week in photographs #14

Sunday, March 31, 2013

My week has consisted of: snow (again), uni work (again), Pizza Hut pizza, Easter chocolate, depotting eyeshadows, shopping and spring cleaning!

Snow...again, I hate snow! I have been burning/melting my Kringle Candle wax tarts this week, as I wanted a change and I have quite a few of them. I love the vanilla lavender scent, although it can be a little strong. Also, its Easter, so family and friends have been round so that and the cold weather have led to unhealthy eating in the form of a Pizza Hut pizza (Margherita with cream sauce) and a giant milk chocolate Lindt bunny! *drools*

This week has also been spend sorting out clothes, makeup and depotting eye shadows - I have a couple of large Front Cover makeup sets so I cut out all of the eye shadows (which did take ages and resulted in sore fingers) but they are great baked shadows. I am going to buy the 'dome Z palette' soon for them - I probably should have bought the palette first but I was in a cleaning/sorting mood!

Also this week I send my review of the Benefit Fake Up Concealer to Debenhams. I have been using the new Benefit concealer for about two weeks now and I do really like it - although it isn't as amazingly incredible as I thought it would be. Full review coming soon!

I hope you all had a great week and have a nice Easter! x


  1. Your eyes are beautiful :)

    Marisa x

  2. Love the cute little Lindt bunny :) I have been gorging on way too much chocolate over Easter, definitely time to start been healthy! x



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