L'Occitane Flash Sale Buys!

Monday, February 25, 2013
Last week I received an email from L'Occitane about the flash sale that had started online, for one day only, so naturally I had to look and an accidental...purchase was made...
I bought two items of makeup that I have wanted for a while but I didn't want to pay the full price. I bought a highlighter and an eyeshadow duo. They were both £7.50 each and I think they should have been nearly £13 each, so not a massive saving but every little helps as Tesco claims. Firstly, I just want to say how gorgeous, delicate and expensive the packaging looks - love it!
The first item is the Fleur Cherie Mousseline d'argent poudre visage. This is a pressed powder face highlighter, for highlighting the brow bone, tops of the cheek bones and inner corner. You could also use it as an all over eyeshadow colour or to highlight the decolletage. There is 3.5g in each pot and I was a bit disappointed when I received these as they are small pots and I thought they would be bigger. But the product inside is really nice, it has a very smooth soft texture but it comes off as fairly large pieces of glitter which isn't as nice as a highlight as it looks obvious. I will have to test these products for a longer period of time before I can give a full review - this is just my first impressions. 
The final product I bought is the Fleur Cherie Rose Falbala poudre visage. I don't know why they call this product a face powder as it obviously isn't, you don't use this as a face powder. It is a lovely eyeshadow duo! The first shade looks really pinky in the packaging but it is a champagne shade on the skin even though in the packaging is looks very pink (the photograph above doesn't show how pink it looks but it is a dark baby pink in the pan). The second shade is my favourite and it is a gorgeous purple taupe shade which I think will look gorgeous as a liner. Both shade are smooth, fairly pigmented and they blend well. 

Have you tried any L'Occitane makeup?


  1. Lovely!!! I know this brand because I use its hand cream!! I will have a look those eyeshadow duo! ;)

    I'm following you right now! Follow each other?



  2. thankyou for the comment on my blog! i followed you back, and great blog xx


  3. I've heard so much about this brand but never tried it. I think there's a store in Bath, I might have to pay them a visit :) Rosie x


  4. They have such lovely packaging and I love the pressed patterns, I would be so sad when I used it and ruined the floral design. I know how you mean about glittered make-up, it's kind of annoying, I feel like a twilight vampire, I don't know why it has to be glittery...

    E x

  5. There lovely the packaging looks really cute x

  6. The packaging looks so dainty and sophisticated - love it! xo

  7. They look really good x


  8. OOh I quite like the look of this xx


  9. Hey, thanks for commenting on my real techniques review, had a look round your blog and its really good! My night time read, shame I missed the giveaway. But anyway, started following :) would be great if you'd follow me too. Many thanks


    Holding a giveaway soon :) x

  10. These are such pretty colours so pigmented and a great price will be trying these out too xx


  11. I've never tried their makeup but it's beautifully packaged! It's a shame that the highlighter's so glittery, it looks so pretty x

  12. i honestly didnt know L'Occitane also carried makeup. these look super pretty!

  13. Great bargains! It's a pretty expensive brand, but do worth it :)

  14. those shades looks so pretty. never tried this brand make up;}}



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