January Empties: Bath & Body

Tuesday, February 05, 2013
Here are my January bath and body empties - hope you enjoy!
1. Diesel Fuel For Life Shower Gel: I received this as part of a gift set I received for my 20th birthday last summer. I like the fragrance (although not as much as I thought I would) and this shower gel was ok. Firstly, the packaging for the shower gel is very cheap and the lid/cap broke the first time I used it! The scent is nice but a bit too musky for me. I tried to find a link to this product but apparently it has been discontinued. 

2. Sanctuary Spa Body Polisher: I received this as part of a gift set a while ago and every month or two I like to throw them away and use a new one. This one was really dense and hard, it didn't let me create a lather with any shower gels/body washes which is really disappointing.

3. Dove Cream Oil Body Wash: I love Dove products, I love the scent of them. The scent of this product is a bit different to the original Dove scent that I love but it is still nice. This body wash lathered well, cleans well and it didn't dry out my skin. I also couldn't find this product on the boots website. 

4. Boots Fair Trade Bergamot Body Butter: I received a set of five mini (50ml) body butters from this range and I really, really like them! I was surprised at how much I like them. They are not as thick or as heavy on the skin as the Body Shop Butters which I like and they absorb quickly, they smell nice and they moisturise my skin really well. Highly recommended! 

5. VAV Manucure Absolue: This is a hand cream sample that I received in a beauty box a couple of months ago and it was a nice product - it absorbed well, it smells nice like lemon grass and it moisturised my hands. 

6. Sebamed Body Lotion: I received a small sample of this, again from a beauty box, and as it was such a small sample I only used this as a full body moisturised one - the rest of the time I used this as a foot cream. I do like this product, I find it moisturised well and it absorbs fairly quickly but it wasn't amazing for me. 


  1. dove is always great and i am using the seba med body gel which is for sensitive skin. it's extremely mild, but i would agree with you that it's not amazing.


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