A week in photographs #10

Sunday, February 17, 2013
New Jimmy Choo Flash Fragrance
New Illamasqua Blush Brush (new collection)
New obsession // photographing and swatching // Knitting!

This week has consisted of: university work (it is never ending!), shopping, knitting, swatching, noodles and snow (for one whole day!). Firstly, the snow, we had a good amount of snow on Tuesday/Wednesday this week which was great as I wasn't in uni. If you have seen my sale outfits posts then you will have seen me stood in the snow (freezing to death)! 

This week I received a new makeup brush, the Illamasqua Blush Brush from their new collection imperfection 2013. The brush was £28.50 which is really expensive, in my opinion, but I did get 10% off because I bought it from Asos and they have student discount all year round. As soon as I saw the brush I knew I wanted it - Mac released a similar brush a few months ago, the Mac 163 which I wanted but it went out of stock so quickly I didn't end up getting it but the Illamasqua brush is just fantastic. Full review of the Illamasqua brush coming soon. Also some new posts coming soon on my neutral palettes, the last row of photographs shows me in the process of swatching the shadows of the NYX Caviar and Bubbles Palette. 

Another new product I received this week was from a website called whats in my handbag, I requested a sample of the new Jimmy Choo fragrance and it arrived so quickly - the website and delivery is great and the sample was free! Unfortunately I am not too keen on the fragrance, it is quite generic and it doesn't last long on my skin. 

My obsessions this week include: the Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm, knitting and QI - a British quiz show (of sorts). 

I hope everyone had a great week! Stay tuned for some new and exciting posts (hopefully), including: my international Dior giveaway, my lipstick collection/swatches, a Boots haul, whats in my university bag and more!


  1. Lovely photos


  2. Great photos x


  3. Jimmy Choo Flash - is it good? I follow you!

    1. I have only tried it a few times and I do like the scent but it is really quite generic, nothing special and it doesn't last long on my skin - about four hours x

  4. the jimmy choo flash looks amazing, i really want to get it, same with the brush ive heard alot about it! :)


  5. lovely pictures! can't wait for the brush review! :)



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