Final Sale Haul?

Monday, January 28, 2013
For my final sale haul, I went to The Urban Retreat Beautique online and I found three amazing bargains! I have never bought from there before but it is a great site, the products are from a wide range of brands and the delivery was quite quick too!
I bought three things from the Urban Retreat Beautique sale including: The Urban Retreat Anti Bump After Shave Lotion, the Urban Retreat and Daniel Sandler Foundation and Blush (light) and finally a Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes Eyeshadow pen in the shade '108'. 
Firstly, the Urban Retreat Smart Base & Blusher shade: light. I bought this product as I am always wanting to try new foundations and because this product was only...£2! How could I pass up a foundation and blusher in one - created by Daniel Sandler for only £2! The packing is great in my opinion and I was really excited to try this product. When it arrived I was a bit disappointed with the shade as it is slightly too dark for me - especially when you see the swatch but when applied and blended it is a good match. 
Natural lighting
Here is the swatch of the foundation, then the blusher heavily swatched and next to it is the blusher when blended out. The foundation has a strange spatula applicator which I wasn't expecting but it needs a spatula as the foundation is very, very thick. Although despite the thick consistency the foundation is easy to blend and it is quite moisturising - full review coming soon. The blush is really nice in my opinion and on the cheeks it looks so natural and rosy - I love it. Overall, I am very impressed with this product so far!
Natural lighting 
And last but not least I bought something that I have been wanting to try for at least a year (Lisa Eldrige posted a video review of some of the Ellis Faas products and instantly I wanted to try them). I bought the Creamy Eyes pen in the shade '108' which is a beige tan shade. This product was reduced down to £13 which is great as it should have been £22 I think. I have only tried this product without a primer and it doesn't hold up well without a primer but I will have to try it with my Nars Smudgeproof Primer. The shade is nice as a base but it wasn't really what I was expecting to be honest. Overall, I am not impressed so far but I have only used it a couple of times. 


  1. Great mini reviews, I'm always searching the Urban Retreat Boutique website but have never purchased myself so it's great to hear your thoughts.

    The blush is beautiful shade.

    Hannah Check out my Neom candle giveaway!

  2. The blusher is such a pretty shade

  3. I love final sales! I'm addicted to sales, I really like that blush :)

  4. the blush looks great when blended out!


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