December Empties: Samples

Tuesday, January 08, 2013
I have used up quite a few samples in the month of December as I needed to get rid of them, they keep piling up as I get from from magazines, online orders and beauty boxes!
L'Occitane Volumising Conditioner // Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream // Rimmel BB Cream // Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream // Benefit The Porefessional // Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre 
Firstly, I used up a sachet of the L'Occitane Volumising Conditioner which I have had for ages now. I can't really tell whether I would buy this product again as it only lasted me two uses but the conditioner worked well although it did not volumise my hair at all really. 

Next I used up two sachets of the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream. I received these sachets with an online order and I really like this product. The sachets lasted me longer than I thought they would. The cream doesn't irritate my skin, it smoothes and hydrates my skin - it seems perfect apart from one thing...the scent! The scent of this product is awful, it smells like a dusty old school cupboard! 

I also used up a sachet of the Rimmel BB Cream which is in the shade 'light' and it is too dark for me so I only tested this product while inside! The cream didn't give much coverage at all and it looked a bit caky on my skin - I will not buy the full size. 

Next I use up two Benefit samples, the first is the Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream which I really liked. This product didn't irritate my skin, it left my skin smooth and hydrated - overall a surprisingly nice skincare product from Benefit which I wasn't expecting! 

The second product from Benefit is the Porefessional which I have a small tube sample of as well. This sample however came with my benefit Hello Flawless Foundation. The sample was only small but I don't see what the fuss is about over this product! I find that this product applies nicely to my t-zone and it makes my skin feel smooth but it doesn't do anything to my pores! Is it supposed to minimise my pores, cover them, smooth over them so foundation doesn't get into my pores? 

On to a product that I love, my Embryolisse Lait-creme Concentre sample - I have a 30ml tube of this which I have had for a while but I don't want to use it all up as it isn't the cheapest moisturiser! This cream smells nice, it smoothes and hydrates my skin although it can irritate the areas of my skin where I had eczema (irritation occurs rarely).  

I also used up a couple of samples in December after this photograph was taken which include: the Burts Bees Radiance Body Lotion. I really like this body lotion, it smoothes and hydrates my skin without making it heavy or sticky. The scent is also gorgeous, it smells s fresh and inviting! Although there is one problem, it contains glitter! I hate skincare/body products that have glitter in them and that is the reason why I wouldn't buy the full size of this body lotion. 

Another sample I used up is the Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream which I received in a beauty box a couple of months ago. The BB Cream isn't my shade - it is incredibly yellow toned and the BB cream makes my skin look very caky and powdery - I will not buy the full size. 


  1. Great post. I love the Jane Iredale BB cream, its s shame it didn't work for you. x

  2. Great review! You know, I was also dissapointed about Porefessional...


  3. Hi :) Thank you so much to have stopped in my blog and left me a lovely comment!!
    Many people say that it doesn't work really well :S What foundation do you recommend me??
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know about it!! xxx

  4. shame you didnt like the rimmel bb cream :( i may try it and see how it works for me :)

  5. I've yet to try the Porefessional but I'm always fascinated by the mixed reviews it gets! I have the Embryolisse but I'm not that thrilled with it - I find it really heavy and not comfortable on the skin. I do use it more often as a primer though.

  6. I was thinking of buying Benefit Porefessional but after seeing so many mixed, and often unsure reviews of what it actually does, I think I'll leave it

  7. Nice post! I really want to try Embryolisse Lait- creme concentre

  8. I really want to try the Porefessional, I have heard so many good thing about it!

    I have an international giveaway on my blog, hope you will enter..

  9. I use the porefessional and it is sooo amazing :) but it is a lot of money for a little tube of primer.

    Nice post :) following you now! x

  10. Great post.



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