December Empties: Haircare & Fragrance

Monday, January 07, 2013
Here are my December hair care and fragrance empties!
Phyto Soothing Treatment Shampoo // Caudalie Gentle Conditioning Shampoo // Como Shambhala Conditioner
Firstly, a shampoo, the Phyto Soothing Treatment shampoo which I bought from in the summer. I bought it as it was cheap but also because it sounded like a great shampoo for my hair/scalp at the time which was irritated and dry. The shampoo is a strange brown colour and the product itself comes in a metal bottle which I do not understand at all as you obviously cannot squeeze the bottle to get the product out! The shampoo doesn't smell that nice and it isn't a scent I would have put in a shampoo - it smells very strongly of a old male aftershave/cologne. The shampoo doesn't lather well but it seems to cleanse my hair fairly well and it doesn't irritate my scalp. Not recommended. 

Another shampoo but this one I like - it is the Caudalie Gentle Conditioning shampoo which I finished towards the end of the month and I love it! I received this travel size in a set and it works so well. Firstly, it smells really nice and fresh (like cucumbers), it lathers really well, it doesn't irritate and it cleans my hair well - it also moisturises my hair. Highly recommended. 

Now a conditioner, I received this product in a beauty box and it is the Como Shambhala Invigorate Conditioner. I don't really like this product - firstly, I find the scent to be far too strong and harsh. The product smells like cleaning fluid/chemical to me which definitely puts me off using the product and it is quite average as a conditioner. Not recommended. 
Aveda Smooth Infusion Conditioner // Dove Colour Radiance Treatment Conditioner // Yves Rocher Flowerparty
 I have also used up a couple more conditioners - first is the Aveda Smooth Infusion conditioner. I have used this product before and I do like it but not enough to buy it again. The product smells nice and it applies nicely but in my opinion the conditioner is just as good as a cheaper drugstore/high street conditioner which are half the price of this one. Not recommended. 

The final hair care empty is the Dove Colour Radiance Express Treatment Conditioner. I have tried the original version of this conditioner which I adore! Although this one isn't great. This product looks pretty as it has swirls of pink in it but the conditioner smells isn't the original Dove scent that I love and overall I found the conditioner to be quite average and not up to Dove's usual high standards. 

Finally a fragrance empty, I used up my bottle of the Yves Rocher Flowerparty perfume which came out this summer I think. I received the fragrance as a free gift with purchase which I was very happy about. The fragrance is similar to Lancomes Tresor Midnight Rose, in my opinion and they both have the same problem - longevity. Both Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose and Yves Rocher Flowerparty have poor longevity - around four hours on the skin, if I am lucky. Although the scents are really nice - floral and sweet which I love but it is a bit generic. Recommended if you don't mind the longevity issue!


  1. I also love the Dove original scent!! I could just smell it the whole day haha I specially like the shower gels from them, but never tried hair products..


  2. I like the idea of a gentle cucumber scent in a shampoo. Yum. Thanks for visiting. I'm now following via GFC. Joann

  3. thanks for commenting on my post. nice blog :)


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