A week in photographs #5

Sunday, January 13, 2013
Candles // New Tea Light Holder (middle) // Candles against the night 
First Attempt at Depotting Eyeshadows // Second Attempt at Depotting Eyeshadows // I finally got the hang of it!
Depotting Eyeshadows successfully // Kiko eyeshadows // MUA Shade 11 Swatch
All Three Images from Pintrest!
My week has consisted of candles, depotting eyeshadows, essays and pintrest! Firstly, candles, I have been burning a lot of candles this week (everyday basically) as I am trying to use up the older ones I have so that I can burn the new ones I received at christmas. I love the way candles look, they are so homely and cosy - and great at this time of the year when it gets dark at about 3:30 in England. I have also been trying to depot eyeshadows this week with the first two attempts not going so well...but the rest went fine! Finally I have been obsessed with pintrest this week, I didn't really pay any attention to it before but this week I have been looking through pintrest once a day (at least). And on a side note, it has started to snow in England..snow day, snow day!

Also I am selling a few things on eBay.co.uk  - my username is Iann7948 

I am thinking of having a fringe cut in and I have been searching pintrest for ideas, what do you think? 


  1. I have also been obsessed with Pinterest lately - what a fun way to waste time ahah!

  2. hey love your blog

    I'm following you

    have a nice week



  3. awesome photos! I'm glad you got the hang of depotting eyeshadows :)

  4. Loving your blog babe! So glad I found it following you now!

    Hope you can check out my blog as well! xo


    1. Thank you! I will check out your blog when I can :) x

  5. Lovely pics! What did you think of the MUA eyeshadow? Oh and whatever food it is in that last pic, its made me very hungry :) xx


    1. I really like the MUA eyeshadows, I have a few of them and they are really high quality - especially as they are only £1 each :)

      I found the last food pick on Pintrest and it was described as a cheese pizza dip (drools) x

  6. These photos are really beautiful and I love owls too.


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