MAC & ByTerry Lipstick Dupe!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012
Yet another blogmas post!
I bought my MAC lipstick in the shade 'Creme in your coffee' a while ago and it was the first lipstick from MAC that I bought! I adore the shade of 'creme in your coffee' it is a gorgeous rosy browny nude that looks natural but defined and enhances the lips, in my opinion. Then a few of months ago I bought a ByTerry lipstick from the SpaceNK sale as it was only £10. 
I could not find any swatches of this ByTerry lipstick shade online anywhere! So I bought the shade '7 Tough Cookie' without knowing what it would really look like! It turned out to be a gorgeous rosy browny nude like my MAC 'creme in your coffee' and on further inspection...they turned out to be very, very similar - they are not identical obviously but they can definitely be mistaken for one another. The photograph above shows the two lipstick (swatched twice) on my arm, firstly with flash (top right) then in natural lighting (bottom right). 
Overall, the colours are very similar although the MAC lipstick is pinker and the ByTerry lipstick is more on the brown side but they are so similar and they have similar finishes on the lips - slightly shiny and creamy. Also your natural lip colour will have some influence on the resulting shade on the lips. Both photographs show one layer of lipstick which has been blotted but you can build up the colour, especially with the ByTerry lipstick. Both shades would be fantastic for autumn and winter for a 'running around in the snow' lip colour. These shades would be gorgeous with a smokey brown eye or black liner and lashes. On this second photograph the brown in the lipstick isn't picking up as much but it definitely has a more browny undertone than the MAC shade but again they are both really similar, in my opinion. 
These lipsticks would make gorgeous stocking fillers - I would love to get a MAC lipstick as a stocking filler! And these shades are gorgeous for this time of year.


  1. great post! i'm such a sucker for lipsticks, esp mac. interesting to see how similar these products are.

    cute blog too


  2. I'm a kind of big fan of lipstick.... I bought two this week... I think i'm going to start a new collection ^^

    Your blog is really nice :)

    Lucie Wyffels


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