Lush Popcorn Lush Scrub Review

Sunday, December 09, 2012
Another blogmas post but this time it is a review of the new Lush popcorn lip scrub which is part of their Christmas collection this year. 
Before this lip scrub I hadn't tried anything like this before (if you don't want to use a lip scrub/exfoliator, I used to use a toothbrush scrubbed over the lips which has a similar effect but lip scrubs are more effective, in my opinion - also you could make you own lip scrub). Anyway, I have been using this product on and off for about three weeks now and I love it! I put off buying the Lush lip scrubs for ages as I thought they were too expensive for what they are but this product is great and perfect for this time of year when my lips can get even more flaky than usual (horrible, I know!). 
To use: I just take a small amount (as shown above) and I rub it into my lips concentrating on the edges and corners of my lips as that is where my lips get quite dry/flaky. The instructions say that you can then lick the scrub off your lips and I have tried this but I really don't like the taste - it does taste to some extent like sweet buttery popcorn but it also has a plastic, artificial sweet taste. So I just wipe the scrub off with a wet flannel/cloth and this scrub leaves my lips so smooth and almost flake free. I then apply a lip balm, either my Nuxe Reve De Miel stick lip balm during the day or my Rodial Glambalm at night. 

Positives: Easy to use, smells nice, works really well overall and it is easy to remove 

Negatives: Availability, price, taste, in my opinion 


  1. This looks sooo good xx

  2. Great review! Thanks for dropping by my blog :) Followed your blog already. Hoping you'll follow mine too :)

  3. I love lush's popcorn scrub :) it's so yummy!

    xx Vivi

  4. mmm this looks goood! just got a huge load of lush products for my birthday and i can't wait to get suck in

  5. I've actually tried this scrub in a Lush store, but with the bubblegum flavour and I really liked doesn't have the artificial taste you say the popcorn has =)


  6. I have never tried this product but I´m sure it´s great :)

  7. I love this! Have been using it loads - great review :) xx

  8. I have this too! I don't know why but I'm too scared to lick it just feels weird after I've been scrubbing my dead skin! I have to rinse it off or wipe it with cotton wool xox


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