A Christmas Week in Photographs #3

Sunday, December 23, 2012
Baking  // Baking  //  Baking
Cheeky pre-christmas shopping //  Nail art #fail // Cosy winter clothes
Cooking programmes // Healthy eating // Winning!
This  final week before Christmas for me has been about shopping, cooking programmes, baking and festive nails! Firstly, this week I made some shortbread - gingerbread, maple syrup and basil flavour. The gingerbread and maple syrup ones went down quickly but I think savoury shortbread is a bit too futuristic for everyone else but I liked them. The shortbread didn't take long to make at all but the cupcake tree that I made took a bit longer than I thought it would! I have been baking and cooking a lot as I have been watching a lot of cooking programmes - in particular 'Nigelissima' and Nigella christmas - gotta love Nigella! I have also been buying some things in the pre-christma sales in H&M, Harrods and I have bought some bits and pieces in Primark today - although it was very busy so I didn't see everything that I wanted (youtube primark hauls show some of the best bits from Primark but I can never find them in store!). I have also been painting my nails a lot this week with festive nail art (link here) and my second attempt at galaxy nails #fail! Although I did get some good news this week, I won a competition on the review site that I write on and I won a mug and some chocolates! 


  1. Beautiful spread of photos! And congratulations on winning!! That's amazing! :)


  2. I love baking around Christmas time. The warmth and sweetness just fills up the house.
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  3. Nice shots Heather, looks like you have had a fun week and are well and truly getting into the Christmas spirit! Enjoy the holiday season!

    Zoe xx



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