A Christmas Week In Photographs #2

Sunday, December 16, 2012
Chocolate fingers -   Fried egg and potato waffles -   Macaroni cheese
Christmas Graze box -   Candles!  -   Christmas tree
Kawaii phone case  -  100% Russian on Rosetta Stone -   Top gear!
Lost Glossy Box Blusher
As you can see from this first three photographs, this week has consisted of a lot of comfort food - pasta, chocolate, hot chocolate, coffee, waffles...and so on. This week I also received my first Christmas graze box (Graze box is a weekly or fortnight subscription service whereby you receive a box of four, various food items such as nuts/seeds/flapjacks/Italian breads/cake/chocolate). I have also been burning a lot of candles this week - my Yankee Candle Eggnog tea lights to use them up and my bath and body works leaves mini candle (which I don't actually like :O ). We also put up our Christmas tree this week, which looks really pretty with glittery baubles (they had to be glittery!). Also my cute Kawaii popcorn phone case broke but on a happier note myself and my sister scored 100% on Russian grammar on Rosetta Stones online demo (Link Here). I have also been obsessed with Top Gear this week (Well for the past few months!) - The picture above shows Jeremy Clarkson's winning face (cute). On the day that my Christmas glossy box arrived I had a small catastrophe whereby the kyrolan for glossy box blusher fell into the mud and leaves (Panic over I did save it with some kitchen tongs). 

Hope you all had a great week (Only 9 days until CHRISTMAS!)


  1. i love comfort food! :) if you don't mind sharing, what's the layout of your blog??

    1. The layout is one of the simple layouts from blogger - I just changed the background colour and some of the settings (the text, text colour, blog widths) and I created my own blog header :) Hope this helps x

    2. yes it did! thank you very much :)

  2. I love Graze boxes, I always get them for uni, as they're so nice (and guilt free) to munch on :)
    Daniella x


  3. Sorry about your phone case! Maybe a new one for Christmas? ;) Thanks for your sweet comment! Just became your newest follower.



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