Selfridges Lucky Bag!

Friday, November 16, 2012
I remember as a child being obsessed with the Clarie's Accessorises goody bag which was about £5 and it contained a range of unknown products - this is the adult beauty version! I was really excited about this product and when I saw it on the Selfridges website I ordered one almost immediately. 
The lucky bag contains at least five beauty must haves and it is priced at £15 (£4.95 UK delivery). The delivery time for Selfridges is great from my experience; although I think the delivery price is too high!
The first item that was in my Selfridges lucky bag is: Inner Me Lustrous Locks Vitamin Complex (RRP: £15, 28 tablets). I have a problem with swallowing tablets of any kind and I have tried one of these and I don't like them - I hate tablets. So I will not be using these and if anyone wants to buy them you can email me at: 
The other items I received include: St. Tropez Everyday Body Moisturiser, Medium to Dark (50ml travel size, RRP £10-14). I have another bottle of this that I am not using because it is too dark for my pale skin (I received the first bottle with Elle magazine). So this lucky bag is looking very disappointing with two products now that I cannot use! The other two items in my bag include a pack of tissue and a duck lip balm - a £15 bag and they give me tissues and a duck lip balm! The duck lip balm is ridiculous as the actual balm is in the ducks...arse, and you cannot get to the lip balm without using a lip balm or cotton bud. 
The last two items in my bag where a bit better than the awful products before. Firstly, a Blink Gift Card for an Eyebrow Shape which sounds great but there is no indication as to how much the gift card is worth! The last products is the only product I was excited about and it is the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (£20-38) which sounds great and I am looking forward to using it. 

Overall, I love the idea of a beauty lucky bag but I am disappointed with this bag as there are only two products that I like - and I cannot believe that they included a pack of tissues and a ridiculous duck lip balm in the bag! 

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  1. I used to get those Claires lucky bags too! Loved them! :)

    Your duck is really cute but if it;s really impractical as a lip balm then it's no good!

    If it helps I know the blink eyebrow shape costs £17

    I got the dermalogica too and it does seem interesting! If you wanted to see what else I got it's all here:


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