October Empties: Candles & Fragrance Samples

Sunday, October 28, 2012
As the nights have been getting darker sooner, the leaves are falling from the trees like autumnal hued confetti I have been using a lot more candles as at this time of year it is nice and homely to have candles burning, in my opinion anyway. I have five Yankee Candle Samplers that I have burned fully to share with you and I also have a couple of perfume/fragrance samples that I have used up too. Firstly, the Yankee candle samplers:
I have been loving candles right now, especially Yankee candle samplers but some of them have been a lot better than others. The first scent is ‘Greek Fig and Blackcurrant’ which is not very widely available and I bought this scent some time last year. I like the scent but it is far too subtle! The scent is almost undetectable and in turn the scent throw/dispersion is very poor also. Another Yankee candle scent that I have been disappointed with is ‘Autumn Leaves’ which sounds nice but to me this sampler just smells like generic potpourri and the scent strength/dispersion are quite average. Yet another Yankee Candle disappointment is the scent ‘Country Lemonade’ which again sounds nice but the scent is really subtle, it is not noticeable at all really which is really quite disappointing. The scent strength/dispersion is really poor, in my opinion, although it does looking nice when it is burning.
Now onto the two Yankee candle samplers that I was very impressed with; first is the Yankee Candle sampler in the scent ‘Creamy Caramel’. This scent is just gorgeous, it smells like toffee, butterscotch and caramel and it smells really quite similar to the Yankee Candle Danish Butter Cookie candle that I love. Overall, this scent is divine; the scent strength is good and it has a great scent dispersion/throw. The second candle from Yankee candle that was quite impressive is ‘Café Au Lait’ which I didn’t know if I was going to like as I do like the scent of coffee but not bitter coffee. This scent is not bitter at all though, it smells like a creamy latte with a sprinkling of chocolate onto. The scent is amazing, the scent strength/dispersion is good but it could be better – overall a great candle!
Now onto the two fragrance/perfume samples I have used up include: Taylor Swifts Wonderstruck perfume and the new fragrance from Hugo Boss ‘Boss Nuit’. Firstly, wonderstruck by Taylor swift is not a fragrance I would have wanted to try given the disgusting bottle design and the fact that I don’t  like her music (disgusted faces from some people right now at aimed at me I know). Although I really like her perfume; it is a lot more unique than I thought it was going to be and it is quite sweet but musky as well. Overall, it is really nice but the longevity on me was not great; it lasted about four to five hours on me. Secondly, Hugo Boss Nuit; I received this as a free sample with and online order and I have mixed opinions about this fragrance. I like it because it is a sophisticated evening fragrance but I find that it is too musky for me personally and as with the wonderstruck perfume, this didn’t last very long on me either – this fragrance lasted three to four hours on my skin.

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