A week in photographs #3

Sunday, October 21, 2012
My week has consisted of four main things: University, Candles, Christmas gifts and disappointing nail products! What an exciting life I lead! Firstly, I have just finished my first term of my third year of university (I am studying psychology if you are interested) and I have a lot of assignments to do and a dissertation to start! Also as it is getting colder and the leaves are floating down from the trees with their wonderful autumnal hues (which I love) I have been burning candles a lot more - as I am typing this I have a Yankee Candle sampler burning in the scent 'Creamy Caramel' which smells a bit like the Yankee Candle Danish Butter Cookie Tumbler that I love so much! Also I as I have been busy with uni and assignments (and reviews) I have been drinking more coffee *drools* in particular the Nescafe Latte sachets which are divine. 
As it is autumn (and not really Christmas yet) Boots have their Christmas things in stores (I have a blog post with the Boots Christmas presents I bought here). I have been wrapping all of my family and friends Christmas presents already - I think I am a little bit too organised. Another thing I love about autumn are the dark burgundy/autumnal nail polish shades. I bought a few including: Rimmel's 'Caramel Cupcake', Topshop's 'Moving House', Maybelline's 'Really Rosy' and Essie's 'Very Structured' which is a gorgeous colour (pictured above) but it doesn't last well.

*On a side note* I have been a little bit obsessed with gel eyeliner this week; my cousin had a party for her 21st birthday yesterday (and a surprise engagement!) and I wore a nude pinky lip with winged gel eyeliner - a look I must wear more often! I use my Clinique Brush On Cream Eyeliner which is just fantastic and I used my Real Techniques Pixel Point Brush which is also fantastic. (The two photographs of me show my hair for the party, curled loosely, and my gel eyeliner). 

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