I'm now 20, which means...a birthday haul (of sorts)

Friday, August 17, 2012
I turned 20 years of age on the 15th August (I know, I'm getting old!). I received some beauty products, some chocolates (not good as I'm going on holiday on the 18th but I have remained strong and I haven't stuffed my face with chocolate...yet!). I had some family round on my birthday and I received my presents (and money!) but everything is really chaotic because of the holiday so it didn't really feel like a birthday. Also on my birthday the heavens opened and it rained really heavily for most of the day! Any way here are some of the things I received for my birthday!
The first thing I opened is a perfume from Burberry - Burberry Body, which is the latest Burberry fragrance I believe. I wanted this fragrance since it was released late last year and it hasn't disappointed. Firstly, the packaging is gorgeous, really luxurious, heavy and expensive!
The fragrance is just gorgeous! It is warm, feminine and sexy but it still remains light and very wearable. I would wear this during the day or night and it is just a divine scent. Also even though it is expensive, it is 85ml and the packaging is amazing (and really quite heavy). 
I received another fragrance (I already had a lot of perfume anyway, so I could now open a fragrance shop!). I have never tried a Diesel fragrance before but it is surprising gorgeous. It is not as nice as the Burberry perfume, as you would expect but it is nice and floral/musky. I don't really like the packaging as to me it is a little bit tacky but overall it is a nice fragrance. 
I have already proclaimed my love for this candle in a previous post (link here for my full review). So I wont go on too much about this candle but it is a divine scent and everyone who has smelt the candle loves it too. The candle smells amazing, the scent travels all around the house (more or less) and the scent is strong too. Overall, an fantastic candle and definitely worth the money!
I also received some little bits of things such as a Liz Earle Botanical Shine haircare duo, a Sanctuary Spa Intensive Shine Hair Mask and a really cute little notebook which says 'Keep Calm and Shop' on the front - perfect for me! 

The Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner smell amazing and I cannot wait to try the shampoo/conditioner and I also can't wait to try the Sanctuary Spa hair butter too! Overall, quite a productive birthday! 

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