A Week In Photographs #2

Sunday, August 05, 2012
The weather in the UK, well Manchester, over the past week or so has been really nice on the whole (apart from the thunder and rain yesterday)! And today there is so much cloud and a lot of thunder and lightening where I live - today is the first time I have actually seen a full lightening bolt! I have noticed that the squirrel (or Stuart as we call him) has been a regular visitor to our back garden - I managed to take a lot of cute photographs of him while he ate the nuts meant for the birds! As well as the nice weather I have also been loving my Kringle Candle Wax Tarts/Potpourri and my Kringle Candle American Flag Burner (only £4). I have used up the  Kringle Candle Wax Tarts in the scents: 'Maple Sugar' which is really nice and authentic smelling and 'Kringle cookie' which is not the nicest in my opinion as it just smells like cinnamon muffins and potpourri to me. The most recent Kringle Candle Wax Tart that I have been burning is the scent 'Hot Chocolate' which actually smells like a mix of hot cocoa, chocolate and chocolate brownies - gorgeous! The 'Hot Chocolate' scent disperses really well, it is a strong scent and even after the wax has hardened again the scent is still noticeable for about two to three hours!
I went to the Trafford Centre last week (28th) for some last minute holiday shopping and we drove past Manchester United's grounds (Old Trafford) and it had the Olympic rings on the front so I thought I would take a photograph of it - I only had my HTC Sensation with me so the photograph is not amazing (and the car was moving!). The second photograph is while driving home from the Trafford Centre and there were Olympic banners on the street lights. The photograph above also shows the Beetham Tower which is a hotel/bar/conference centre in the centre of Manchester and it is the tallest building in Manchester. It also has the UK's highest living space and it is the UK's tallest building outside of London!
As well as the lovely weather and Kringle candle goodness I have also been loving the Olympics! I have particularly been loving the rowing, boxing, diving, gymnastics (especially the men's gymnastics and the bronze medal in the men's gymnastics!) and the shooting was great too (and not just because GB won a gold medal!). Although I really do not like the way the BBC commentators have been really quite negative towards some of the British athletes, in my opinion by saying that they are lucky to be in the games etc! Although overall, the games have been great so far - apart from the shocking defeat against South Korea in football last night!

Hope you had a great week! x

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