My First Jolie Box - and it's the birthday box!

Friday, July 06, 2012
This is my first ever Jolie Box and my first impressions of the delivery times and efficiency are not very good. This box had only just arrived (6th July) which is a bit late and I did contact the Jolie Box customer services, although I did eventually receive the July (aka. the Jolie Box 1st Birthday Box!). Disregarding the delivery issues, I am extremely happy with the products, the quality of the products, the brands and the presentation of the box/products in the box! 

Firstly, the Jolie Box packaging/box = gorgeous and cute! As this box is the 'birthday box' it has been designed differently and I think it looks great. Secondly, the products come in a Jolie Box bag which I really like and I think I will be able to re-use it for a few things. The first thing I was greeted by was a set of cards; one of which states all of the products in the box and it has a description of them and if the products are 'new', 'full sizes' or 'customised'. The other cards included a L'Occitane card which has a code for a FREE Angelica cleanser when you buy the full size Angelica moisturiser! Another card was from Codage Paris, a brand I have never heard of, and it has a code for 30% off! I have been on their website and completed the skincare questions to get my skincare diagnosis and products specifically created for me and my skin - I may actually buy the serum designed for me from the website! The last card was from Jolie Box and it was for £5 off the products on the Jolie Box online store which is great and apparently you could have received a £5 off, £10 off, 10% off, £20 off cards or a free shipping code, a free dress rental or a free french edition Jolie Box! Not bad.

Now, on to the products I received...

These are the five products I received in my Jolie Box! Most of the products are the same for everyone although there are differing shades from box to box and one or two of the products can differ slightly too. I received a: Jolie Box nail file, a Elysambre Lipstick (full size, 3.5g), Yonka Paris Normal to Dry Facial Moisturiser (50ml), Institut Esthederm Face & Body Spray Bronzer (20ml) and a L'Occitane Angelica Facial Hydration Cream (15ml). Overall, I am very happy with the products - especially the two moisturisers and the lipstick shade!

The Elysambre Rouge a Levres is the product in this Jolie Box that I hoped was a wearable shade, as I have read blog posts about this Jolie box before I received mine and there are other shades of this lipstick, one of which was a strange silver colour I believe - which naturally I didn't want. I am really glad that I received a gorgeous wearable shade and this lipstick and shade in general are really quite gorgeous. The shade I have is '238' I think, as it doesn't have a shade name as far as I am aware. The shade is a bright, but fairly dark, shimmery fuchsia in the tube but on the lips it is quite sheer and it makes my lips look like I have been eating strawberries and raspberries = Gorgeous. It looks like a berry stain but it is sheer, glossy, smooth, moisturising and light on the lips. A full review of this product will appear soon. This product is really quite fantastic apart from one thing: the packaging/tube. The tube for this lipstick is unique but it is also cheap and tacky in appearance, in my opinion. The tube is plastic and to get to the lipstick you have to pull off the plastic cap on the top and then twist up the lipstick. Although this design is flawed and when putting the clear cap back on you can squish the lipstick with the cap, so you have to be careful when putting the cap back on! So this product has almost top marks from me so far, although I hate the packaging!

The next product I received is the Institut Esthederm UV inCellium Spray which is 'a pre-tanning treatment which will boost skin's natural defences and ensure a long lasting tan'. I sprayed this product onto my hand and as you can see from the photograph above that it is a clear liquid. As I live in Manchester (Northern England) there is hardly any sun and mostly rain so I cannot really use this product but I will be going on a Royal Caribbean cruise in August so I will be taking this product with me to use in the morning before a day in the Mediterranean sun! This product can be purchased from SpaceNK for £42.50 full size which is far too expensive in my opinion, although if this product turns out to be amazing when I use it on holiday I may purchase it. 

Firstly, the moisturiser that I was most excited about is the NEW L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream which is a 15ml sample which is quite big and it comes in a pot. The scent of this moisturiser is just gorgeous! It smells so light, fresh and refreshing but it is not too strong. I have only tried this product once and it has the most amazing texture; it looks like a thick cream but it feels like a light gel on the skin. It makes my skin feel smooth and moisturised but it did irritate the more sensitive areas of my skin very, very slightly. I will continue to use this product and report back in a few weeks. 

There is a second facial moisturiser in my Jolie Box (it is a good thing that I have dry skin and like trying different moisturisers otherwise I might not have liked this box). This moisturiser is from a french brand called Yonka and I received the 'protective and vitalising cream for normal to dry skin'. On the Jolie Box card it has 'customised' next to this product as there is a 'beauty profile' to fill out on the Jolie Box site so that you get products for your skin type - which is why I received the normal to dry skin moisturiser. I have not tried this moisturiser yet but it does have a scent which is sweet and fruity but herbal at the same time. The scent is really nice and this product does feel nice on the back of my hand. Also this sample is really big; the tube is huge and there is 50ml the bottle, although it does look like more because of the size of the bottle. 

Overall I am very happy with this Jolie Box and I will continue with my monthly Jolie Box subscription! 


  1. That lipstick is lovely!
    Would you recommend the Jolie box or the Glossybox?

    Hello to a fellow Mancunian!


    1. Jolie box definitely! Although jolie box is now called 'birch box'


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