Kiko Lipstick Swatches #1

Sunday, July 15, 2012
I have been in love with the Italian cosmetics brand 'Kiko' since I went into one of their stores in Taormina, Sicily and I ended up spending 40€ in the store. Now Kiko has finally expanded and opened an online store which ships to the UK, which is amazing! I went a big crazy and bought quite a few things and here are the three lipsticks I purchased. 

^Kiko Smart Lipstick Shade: 14^
Shade 14 is, in my opinion, a rosy bronze shade in the tube and when swatched on the skin it is a rosy bronze shade - it looks really nice when it is swatched. This shade is a bit darker than it looks in the photographs. This shade isn't the most pigmented and it has fairly large shimmer in it which can be felt on the lips. This shade is quite nice but the large amount of shimmer in this shade makes it look really quite metallic on the lips, which I don't like. This shade wears quite well although the shimmer tends to stay on my lips longer than the colour and it can highlight dryness. Overall: 3/5. 

^Kiko Smart Lipstick Shade: 96^
Shade 96 looks like a gorgeous beige, rosy nude in the tube and when swatched on the skin it looks like a rosy nude. The shade looks more pink/darker in real life than the photographs. Shade 96 is similar to shade 14 but this one does not have any shimmer; so it applies really smoothly to the lips. The application of this shade is great and the pigmentation is fantastic. Although this shade on me looks very pale and it is too pale for me to wear. If you a a fan of really nude/concealer lips, then you will like this shade. This shade can highlight dryness slightly. Overall: 3/5. 

^Kiko Smart Lipstick Shade: 84^
Lastly shade 84 which is my favourite shade! This shade is a gorgeous bright cherry red. This shade looks brighter on the lips than it does in the tube. This shade is gorgeous and it is quite neutral toned so it does not make my teeth look yellow or whiter. This lipstick applies so smoothly and it is really pigmented; it is one of the most pigmented lipsticks I own. This shade looks quite matte but it is not drying, it is comfortable to wear and it doesn't highlight dryness at all. The longevity is really quite good too, for a red lipstick. Overall, 5/5. 

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  1. Great reviews! The smart shade looks really nice on your lips. xx


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