Avon Glimmerstick Chrome Eyeliner: 'Mocha Flash'

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
The Avon Glimmersticks and the Avon Supershock eyeliners have been available to purchase for a while and they are great - especially the Supershock eyeliners. Avon have now bought out a new range of Glimmersticks - the Avon Glimmerstick Chromes! These new eyeliners came out a couple of weeks ago and there was actually only one shade that I wanted - 'Mocha Flash'. 

As you can see from the second image, the actual amount of eyeliner you get is shorter than the lid of the eyeliner, which seems like a bit of a rip off and a waste of packaging in my opinion. Nevertheless the packaging is light weight, sleek and it does look a bit more expensive than it actually is. The swatch on the end of the eyeliner is fairly accurate. 

I chose the shade 'Mocha Flash' which did look more green in the images/swatches in the Avon brochure but it is a really nice shade. This shade is a dark brown with green shimmer which makes the shade look quite unique. The shade is like a duo chrome as it can look like a dark brown in some lightings and more like a dark olive green with shimmer in other lightings. The shade is fairly cool toned and if you wanted a warmer version of a similar shade I would recommend the MUA single eye shadow in the shade: 12. The MUA shade is a similar shade as it is a brown with green duo chrome but it is a lot warmer toned than this product. 

This eyeliner applies so nicely to the eye lid and along the upper lash line, it applies really smoothly and quickly. The Avon supershock eyeliners do apply more smoothly but this product is still great. This eyeliner applies and blends really easily although I cannot use this on my waterline as it just does not show up on the waterline. In terms of wear this product is water resistant - it has survived a shower and this product once set (for about five minutes) hardly smudges. The glitter in this product can move a little bit though. This product is really great although there is one main negative point about this product: it creases really badly without a primer and it creases with a primer - but not as catastrophically with a primer underneath. 


*Easy to use and remove when needed
*Great for travelling, compact, light weight 
*Applies smoothly and blends quickly/easily
*Great shade - a dark brown/green duo chrome (but not as green as it looks in the brochure)
*Water resistant and fairly smudge proof once set (after about five minutes)


*A little bit expensive at full price but when it is on offer it is a great price - I paid £2.49 for this eyeliner!
*Creases after ten minutes without a primer and with a primer it only lasts for an hour without creasing 
*Cannot be used on the waterline

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  1. Thank you for the post and review. I want to purchase as the colours look attractive but the price is a bit of the downside. I will give these a go as the colours looks nice. Thanks.


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