May Glossy Box: Aniversary Box

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
I received this box today and it is the aniversary box to celebrate the Glossy Box one year aniversary! Which means that there where are few added extras...

Items included in this months box include:

Si Lolita, de Lolita Lempicka, Eau de Parfum (0.8ml)

I actually really like the smell of this perfume. It is warm, spicey and really quite different and unique! This fragrance smell like a more subtle, sweeter version of gurlain shamilar. I applied this fragrance to my wrists at 12 and at 4:15 the scent is hardly noticeable on my skin which is quite disappointing.

Lolita Lempicka eau de parfum

This is a fragrance sample that I really don't like. The scent is that of jelly sweets/candy which I would usually like but it is not nice at all! The scent smells like a mixture of jelly sweets/candy and musky notes which does not work well, in my opinion.

Eldora handmade false eyelashes: H120

I don't wear eyelashes, apart from small individual lashes, so this is not very exciting or useful for me really. I did apply one of the lashes and they are massive on my eyes, even though I cut them down to size. Overall, I am not very impressed with these lashes.

Noble Isle cornish hedgerows bath & shower gel (75ml)

This is a new brand that I haven't heard of before but it looks really good. The scent I received was Summer Rising Cornish Hedgerows and it smells divine. The scent is very fresh and summery.

Apivita Express beauty with cucumber (2x8ml)

This is an intensive hydrating face mask with cucumber. I have dry skin so this will probably be good but I also have fairly sensitive skin so I am always a bit cautious about new skincare. Although I think this will work well with my skin as it contains cucumber which is soothing and it does not contain parabens or propylene glycol.

Osmo berber hair oil treatment with argan oil (10ml)

I have a couple of hair oils and they seem to work well with my hair and it is always nice to try a new hair oil. Hair oils, in my experience, do not usually smell amazing but this hair oil smells gorgeous! The hair oil smells like sweets/candy/fruity which is so nice and it is quite unusual for a hair oil to smell so good.

Additional items

There are two additional extra items in this box which include a double sided compact mirror which is actually really good and it is really useful. The second added item is a happy birthday glossy box balloon!

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