Little Greene Living Room Redesign

Thursday, February 15, 2018
Last year we went through a huge kitchen redesign and since then we've been slowly redecorating and updating all of the other rooms and next on the list was the second living room which looked awful with white walls, a faded skirting board, old curtains and compared to the newly redecorated rooms around it, it looked horrendous! 

Thankfully the wonderful people at Little Greene have helped to transform an underused, tired room into a cosy, homely and gorgeously decorated space that we actually want to spend time in. I was very kindly sent the paint and wallpaper from Little Greene a few weeks ago and now it's finally complete. 
Little Green was establish in 1773 within the outskirts of Manchester and now provides a high quality selection of paints and wallpaper with a unique depth of colour that alters depending on the light to give it a complex, unique appearance that you won't find anywhere else.

Their products are manufactured in the UK and are environmentally friendly, for example, the wallpaper I chose has an emissions rating of A+. Little Greene, throughout their entire product range from paints to paper, are as environmentally friendly as possible without compromising quality. The paper is obtained from sustainable forests and their paint tins are made from 50% recycled steel which can be recyclable again which is amazing!
*Little Green Archive Trails II Wallpaper - Crowe Hall Lane (£80 per roll)
The wallpaper I chose is from the new Archive Trails II collection which includes patterns from various archive material sourced from "precious remnants discovered and conserved by English Heritage and Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery". I opted for the gorgeous Crowe Hall Lane design from the collection which is composed of sustainably soured stock and printed using water based inks which are environmentally friendly.

The design is also featured in a curving stairwell in Crowe Hall, a Suffolk manor house. Little Green work with English Heritage and the National Trust to discover true historical colours and Little Greene wallpapers have been used in the restoration of various historic buildings within England. In addition, a percentage of the sale of any of the English Heritage items will contribute towards English Heritage’s work in preserving our ancient buildings and landscapes.
I adore the wallpaper design which features exotic birds and botanical illustrations in an almost pencil sketched design. It's available in various colour options but I chose the Nuage colourway as it suits our adjoining kitchen and utility perfectly. The colours are ideal for the room, I adore the minimal iridescent and shimmery finish to the wallpaper and the quality is amazing.

The wallpaper was very easy to hang, the paper was much thicker than the paper used in previous rooms and for two walls, the paper was a perfect fit with three rolls. Despite the large pattern, the design was quick and easy to match up and the room was painted and papered fully in just one day. Unlike other, cheaper wallpaper we'e used, this one had little to no air bubbles.
*Little Greene Intelligent Matte Emulsion (£47 - 2.5 litres)
I was also very kindly sent a 2.5 litre tin of paint to finish off the room. I wasn't sure which colour option to go for as it will look a little different online but thankfully Little Green have an option on their website where they suggest paint colours to compliment each other as well as paint options to match their wallpaper designs. The paint shade Shallows (223) was matched with the wallpaper I chose and they are a perfect combination.

There are numerous paint finish varieties to choose from but I chose the intelligent matte emulsion which is an environmentally friendly, water based paint which is ideal for walls and ceilings and can even be used on woodwork and radiators. I have the 2.5 litre size but there's also a 1 litre and 5 litre option. I wasn't sure if the amount would be enough for two walls but the coverage was fantastic and it was even and opaque with two thin coats and a little left over.

Overall, we're so impressed with not only the wallpaper design, range of paint finishes and shades, the environmentally friendly ethos of the brand and the quality but also the finish and opacity of the paint and how easy the wallpaper was to hang. I cannot recommend their products enough!

What do you think of the makeover? What do you think of the Little Greene products? 


  1. Your room looks so good! I love that the company have been around since the 1700s too. So rare to see companies like this these days. And even better that they are environmentally friendly.

  2. ahhh what a lovely room design idea! I absolutely love that pillow, it's the cutest thing ever! Wall paper was a great choice as well.

  3. Wow this room is so homely. I love your colours and that wallpaper, that's the kind of wallpaper that would catch my eye. Great job it all looks incredible.

  4. Oh my that penguin pillow is just to cute! Xx

  5. I love the room makeover, it all looks so lovely x

  6. Ah I love this! I so want to redecorate in my house! x

  7. I love the makeover - especially the wallpaper! xx

  8. oh my i absolutely love the wallpaper! you're making me want to redecorate my own room *swoooon* ♥♥

    katie. xx

  9. I really like the wallpaper! When we moved into our place, every room, including the bathroom was painted bright yellow, so bright I am sure I can still see it some ten years later x

  10. It’s so lovely, I really love how your done it all.

  11. These items are so adorable, I adore shabby chic, my whole home is very shabby chic which means I know I'm going to be checking this brand out to buy some items. Thank you for sharing and making me aware of this brand as I hadn't heard about them before. I adore the little penguin cushion! 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  12. I love the decor and the theme! Definitely something I'd go for myself and the penguin pillow is so cute! I haven't actually heard o this brand before but they sound wonderful!


  13. Ooh I love the wallpaper and environmentally friendly ethos of this brand!xo

    Char |

  14. AAAh wow they are lovely! So so pretty!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  15. I love the wallpaper! I'm glad your room is cosy now!

  16. Everything looks so cozy and comfy x


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