September Empties: Haircare

Thursday, September 27, 2012
I have quite a lot of empty products this month including haircare, skincare, body products and a couple of makeup items too. Firstly, haircare!
I have been using more and more conditioning products for my hair as during August I had my hair dyed (again) and the treatment I had was a 'colour correction' to make all of my hair one colour...well mostly one colour as it turned out to be more of an ombre effect which I actually adore! My hair is dark brown and it turns to a lighter golden brown at the midlengths and ends. So because of the colour correction in which three separate hair dyes had to be used I have to use more conditioning treatments. Firstly, The Sanctuary Spa Intensive Shine Hair Butter (£2, 20ml).I received this hair treatment as part of a birthday present this August and I have managed to get three use out of one sachet which is a lot easier now that my hair is midlength, not Rapunzel length (I had nearly nine inches cut off my hair this August!). I do really like this hair treatment; I left it on my hair for hours and when washed out it left my hair smooth, sleek and detangled. 
Secondly the infamous Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (£3.25, 20ml), although I have the EXTREME version! I managed to get only two uses out of this one sachet (when my hair was very long in August) and it is a nice, hydrating, smoothing treatment but I think it is very over hyped and because of the hype I expected too much of this product and it did not deliver on its massive claims. Overall, I would recommend both hair treatments but I would not buy the full size Philip Kingsley treatment as it is far too expensive and far too over hyped, in my opinion.
Through out the month of September I have been using up products like crazy which is why I have four empty bottles of shampoo - granted two of them are smaller travel sizes I think I have done well to finish up so many products (although I still have a mountain of haircare products, including shampoos, to use up still before I can allow myself to buy anymore!). 
Firstly, the Avon Naturals Daily Refreshing Cherry Blossom Shampoo which is currently on offer for only £1.99 for a whopping 750ml. I have the 750ml bottle and it has taken me ages to work my way through it but it is a fantastic shampoo. I highly recommend this shampoo as it leaves my dry hair smoother, softer and hydrated. 
Secondly, Aussie Mega Instant Conditioner (£4.49, 250ml). I bought this conditioner along with the shampoo and I really didn't like the shampoo as it made my scalp really flaky and when I stopped using the shampoo the flakiness stopped. The conditioner is good though and I do recommend it but it is probably not the best product to use if you have a sensitive scalp. 
The two travel size shampoos, the first is from Umberto Giannini (which was once my favourite haircare brand). I have the Umberto Giannini Pure Beauty Shampoo (£5.61, 250ml). I have used a few products from this line in the past and I love the hair mask and balm from this range and I do really like this shampoo but it doesn't lather as much as I would like it too. 
Lastly (can I get a hallelujah!)  is the Davines Authentic Cleansing Nectar for hair and body (£18.35, 280ml). I received this product with a previous Glossy Box and while I really like the packaging, the product wasn't that good, in my opinion. It didn't lather too well, it has a strange smell and it was just very average and definitely not worth the hefty price tag!

Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish: Swatches & Review

Monday, September 24, 2012
My Rimmel London 60 second nail polish collection is not very big, I have many other nail polishes but I am not faithful to one brand. Here are the swatches and mini reviews of the Rimmel 60 second nail polishes that I have. All swatches show are just one coat with no top coat.
Firstly, 320 Rapid Ruby. I love a good red nail polish (my favourite red is from Bourjois but it chips like nothing else). I love the bright red (almost orange red) shade of this polish and it applies really nicely. This shade is not streaky and with a good top coat (such as the infamous Seche Vite quick dry top coat) this polish lasts for a couple of days on me before wearing at the tips of my nails. Overall, the longevity of this shade is good but not great as it only lasts for me for about five days before chipping and it would show definite wear at the tips after five days. 
Secondly, 285 Style Hunter. I bought this shade from asos, so I didn't see it in person and if I saw this shade in a store I may have bough it. Although unfortunately this shade looks nicer in the bottle than it does on my nails. This shade is very generic and unoriginal in my opinion and it is a little bit too girly for me as it does have shimmer in it which is not massively noticeable in the bottle. Overall, this shade applies nicely, it is not very streaky and it has good longevity - five to six days before I have to remove it. 
Thirdly, 600 Deliciously Dark. This shade looks nice in the bottle but on the nails it is incredibly streaky - one of the streakiest nail polishes I own. The streakiness is a major negative point against this product but it does dry quickly (as do most of the other 60 second polishes). Overall, this polish is very streaky, it dries quickly and it has average longevity (about three days before chipping and wearing at the tips). 
Lastly, 405 Rose Libertine. This shade is currently a free product when you buy something from the Rimmel Facebook store. I bought this shade from Asos and if I saw it in a store I wouldn't have bough it. This shade is too light and girly for me! Although despite the barbie look of this polish it actually applies nicely, it dries fairly quickly and it is not streaky, in my opinion. Overall, a great polish with good longevity but the shade is not really for me. 

November Issue Instyle Magazine

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cannot wait until the 4th October and the November issue of instyle magazine with three benefit sample freebies! I already have cha cha tint as a sample so I sill probably get both benetint and Sun beam.

Current Sales and offers #1

Thursday, September 06, 2012
This post is all about the sales and offers that are going on at the moment in the UK and online - this post features a range of sales/offers that I bought from!

Newlook & Next 
Firstly, Newlook, I bought this chunky blue pattern cardigan from the Newlook sale for only £10 and it should have been £27.99 which is a great deal. I cannot find this specific cardigan on the website currently but on the Newlook womens sale (link here) there are a lot of great offers to be had. The sales includes some gorgeous (and cheap) dresses, shoes, bags, jumpers and many other sale items - over 700 sale items actually! Also for our international friends, newlook ship worldwide!

Secondly, Next, now the Next sale in store is usually so chaotic that I would end up being pushed and squashed therefore I prefer to shop online. I bought this gorgeous preppy style jumper which was only £14 which I think is a really good deal! I have modified this jumper slightly, as the hem had a shirt like section at the bottom which I didn't like so I just cut it off! The Next sale (link here) features some gorgeously cheap jumper (most of which I really want) but some are only in sizes 16,18,20 etc but keep checking back on the sale page as new items and sizes are added. Next delivery is also really great, I always get my order within a couple of days! Next ship to 61 countries!

Asos (Wildfox)
Staying on the topic of clothing I bought my first Wildfox jumper from Asos this week and it is a very appropriate design for me - lipstick and as a beauty lover and beauty blogger I had to buy it. This jumper is a size small and I would say that it would fit a UK size 8-12 as it is fairly baggy on me and I am a UK size 8/10. This jumper was around £40/45 which is a bit expensive but it should have been about £75! A great deal and there is still a Wildfox sale on Asos currently (link here to the Asos sale). I cannot get enough of the Asos sale! And best of all, Asos has free worldwide shipping at the moment!

Instyle October Freebies!

Sunday, September 02, 2012
With the October issue of Instyle magazine UK there are some great Clinique freebies available. The freebies available include the: Clinique Long Last Gloss Wear in the shade 'air kiss' which I already have as it was a  freebie in a Glamour magazine a while ago - this is the reason why I only picked up on magazine, as I have most of the freebies already. The second freebie is the Clinique High Impact mascara which I have had in the past and I didn't get it this time because it is not waterproof. The third freebie available is the Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Anti-age Serum, as you would imagine at 20 years of age I don't really need this but I have the Lancome Visonaire Serum already.
The fourth and final freebie is the one I picked up - the Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturiser which I haven't tried and I don't have the best relationship with Clinique skincare but as it was a freebie I thought I would give it a go. I haven't tried this cream yet as I only bought it yesterday from the Marks and Spencers in the Trafford centre, Manchester - surprisingly there were quite a few copies left on the shelf!
 Most of the other magazines for the month of October are not released yet but I will keep my eyes open for some other possible freebies in the next week or so!