Happy Halloween + Finally Halloween Look

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Happy Halloween everyone! Today's post is my second and final Halloween look of the year, I did want to create so many more but I haven't had time and Christmas seems to have taken place at Halloween this year on my blog. You can check out my first Halloween look of 2018 for a glory mermaid inspired look. Today's look is another gory one, those are the kind of looks I like to create for Halloween as they are so effective but very simple to do.

Last year I was kindly send a few special FX make up items from The Makeup Armoury and I'm using them again today. However maybe you can DIY the look if you don't have the specific items and you can also make fake blood easily at home. I really wish I could have created more Halloween looks this year but hopefully next year!
For this look I wanted to create something Frankenstein inspired but a little more gory and slightly zombie like - just mixing up the two! I started with my normal BB cream, concealer and brow products. I used the amazing illuminating BB cream from Koja Beauty, the Clinique airbrush concealer and the MAC cool neutrals palette for my eyebrows along with the Tweezerman brow mousse

Then onto the eyes and I just used cool toned browns and greys for some contour around the eyes, under the eyes for some shadow and I use the same shades as a contour – I wanted to make the skin look quite gaunt, dirty and zombie like. I also set my make up with the Essence fixing powder which is amazing!
Now for the fun bit of the look, the blood and gore! I used the Ben Nye nose and scar wax to create the raised texture of the skin where the cuts are. I rolled the scar wax into thin lengths and placed them where I wanted them on top of some eyelash glue; although it would be far better to use spirit gum. I then used the back of my tweezers to mould the wax onto the skin to create the raised texture I wanted and to make the wax at adhere to the skin.

I left the wax and glue to set a little while I used my Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes to create some bruising along the cuts/ridges and also under the eyes with purple, red and grey shades. I then used some black along the middle of the ridge of wax to create depth and after everything was blended I went over the cuts/ridges with fake blood.
Lastly for this look I added some single staples to the cut which I pushed into the wax so it looked like they were slightly buried into the skin – I wish I had made the wax much deeper as then you would've seen the texture in the photo much better although you can see it well in real life and the staples would have pushed into the wax better. Finally, I added a little more fake blood as it's Halloween and you need fake blood! I also added a little mascara and then it's done!

I'm quite happy with the way this look came out although as I said I would have made the wax thicker to make it look more textured and 3D. Even though some of the products that I used are more specialised, I think you would be able to make the texture with household items and home-made fake blood. Happy Halloween everyone and I hope you like this look!

Are you dressing up for Halloween tonight? Do you celebrate Halloween? 


  1. I always love your Halloween looks! This one is amazing!xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  2. You are super talented! That looks amazing!

  3. This looks so realistic it is quite frightening you know lol x

  4. I wish I was creative when it comes to halloween because this looks amazing!

    Danielle xx

  5. This is amazing. Have you ever seen Mykie's videos at Glam & Gore? You'd love her Disney series.

  6. Oh my god this is gruesome haha!


  7. Wow, you're so talented and creative! Awesome job!

  8. Ahhhh this came out so realistic!!

  9. Omg that looks amazing! So real, you’d never know it was makeup.


  10. You're so talented - this looks amazing! x

  11. This looks fab, thanks for sharing your tips! 💜✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x

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  12. That looks so cool! You did a great job!

  13. AAAAH that is so creepy yet so cool! It looks so real!

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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