Halloween Look: Gore ft. The Makeup Armoury

Sunday, October 29, 2017
I have always wanted to create some gory and gruesome halloween looks and the lovely people at The Makeup Armoury kindly sent me a few products to achieve some ghoulishly glorious halloween looks this year! I hadn't used any products like these before but they were so easy to use, very effective and thankfully quick to remove. I've created three looks with the items, all of which are horror film and zombie inspired.

The items I used for all three looks are pretty much the same, apart from a few gorgeous products from the equally lovely people over at Essence. You can use whatever products you want but the SFX items from The Makeup Armoury are essential!

*Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax - NW-2 Fair (£7)
*Wound Filler - Light (£12.50)
*Nick Dudman Blood - Dark (£6, 30ml)
Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation - 103 Ivory
Lisa Blur Dual Powder
*Essence Instant Volume Boost Mascara - Black
NYX Blush - Taupe
Tweezerman Eyelash Curler
Eylure Brow Pencil - Dark Brown
Eye Of Horus Brow Pencil & Gel
Antipodes Manuka Honey Eye Cream
Makeup Revolution House Of Glam Dolls Palette
Stila Waterproof Eyeliner - Black
Crown Brushes, Ecotools & Eylure Brushes
*Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadow - Stars & Stories 

I know there are a lot of products but they can be used for three looks and most of them are items you'll probably have already or you'll at least have similar products. The only items you'll have to buy for these looks are the SFX items and they are essential, you can't re-create these looks without them. The SFX products will last a while too as a little does a long way for these three halloween makeup looks.
"Attacked Zombie"

Step One:

For this first look which I'm naming 'attacked zombie' as it has a bullet wound and is kind of rotting and bruised, I started with my regular foundation, brow routine and applied mascara - the Essence Instant Volume Boost mascara is amazing! Then instead of my usual blended, subtle contour, I went a bit overboard as I was thinking of creating a slightly gaunt and bruised zombie look without a lot of effort. I also applied some of my contour and red, brown and taupe shades under my eyes and over my lips.

Step Two:

Now for the fun and slightly messy bit, the scar wax! I haven't used anything like it before so it did require a little patience and practice but it is very easy to use. I didn't have any liquid latex so as the wax is naturally sticky, I just used the end of my tweezers to attach and blend it onto my skin where I wanted it. I blended the edge I wanted to stick down and I left the other edge unblended and sticking out to add texture and the effect of ripped/torn skin. To stop the wax sticking to my hands as much (as I rolled the wax into ropes before I blended it onto the skin), I used my setting powder which really helped! Using a cotton wool bud to blend the edges made the blended edges much smoother.

Step Three: 

I set the wax with powder and started to apply darker blacks, browns and taupes to the centre of the wound and edges of the wax and gradually applied lighter reds and taupes towards the outer edges of the wound to create a bruised, sore appearance. I also add a few red and black lines emanating from the wound as well as wound filler within the centre of both wounds and splatter at the edges. Use whatever shades and as much as you want for the bruising around the wounds and as much fake blood and wound filler too.
"Rotting Prom Queen"

Step One:

For the second look, I wanted a bigger, almost burned looking wound but with some sparkle from the new Essence products I was kindly sent so I came up with this beauty/prom queen zombie look...maybe it only makes sense in my mind. As with the first look, I applied my foundation, brows, contour and powder as I normally would and I add some of the Essence cream eyeshadow to the lids in the shade 'Stars & Stories' which is a gorgeous metallic rose shade.

Step Two:

As with wound/burn was much larger than the others, I sketched it out with my brow pencil and started rolling out lengths of scar wax and blended them along the line I'd drawn with the blended edge on the outer side of the wound, if that makes sense - so the edge that sticks up is within the wound. Powder helps to make the wax stick and become easier to work with. Tweezers and cotton buds are essential for blending the edges of the wax onto the skin.
Step Three: 

Apply the wax is as you want it to be, I made it more ripped and torn for this look so hopefully you can see the texture and edges of the wound, as though the zombies skin is peeling off (sorry if these three looks are gross for you!). I used the same shades for the inside of the wound and the bruising but I applied more of the dark shades especially around the edges and I used much more wound filler as well as the Nick Dudman blood for added depth and more gore! Thankfully the clean up for all three was so easy although this is the least wearable look as I couldn't open my mouth as I'd applied the wax and blood over half my lips, not my best idea.

When my mum saw this look she said is was horrible and that it looked as though half my face has been ripped off, which is exactly what I was going for. My dad saw this look just as I'd finished and he said that he's going to have nightmares...job done!
"Carved Mouth" 

Step One:

This was the first look I created using the wax so it is a little...rustic to say the least but thankfully there a lot of room for error with halloween looks especially gory ones as they are meant to look gnarled and gruesome, yay...This is the least zombie-like look but whenever you search for gory halloween looks then photos of looks like this will appear left, right and centre so I wanted to try it myself. As with the previous looks, I applied my foundation, base products and brows as well as mascara as I normally would.

Step Two:

Using the wax and powder, I created four lengths for each side of the slit and attached it again, using my tweezers (the side that isn't pointed, obviously) to smooth the wax onto the skin and blend but I hadn't figured out that using cotton buds would help to blend at this stage so the wax is more obvious and less blended than the other two looks.
Step Three:

As you can see from the photo above, I only used a small amount of wax for two looks, I used a bit more for the final look but a little does go a long way. I filled the wound with deep reds and purples then brown and red shades around the wound to look like bruising and sore, irritated skin. I then filled it in with wounds filler which is amazing, it smells like sugar to me and you only need a small amount for a really realistic effect!

Those all the three looks I created using a few products from Essence, my normal makeup routine and three amazing SFX makeup items from the lovely people at The Makeup Armoury - definitely check out their site. All three looks were so easy and fun to create, they are quick and fuss free to remove and the products didn't irritate my skin at all. Out of all the halloween looks I've created on my blog, these three are my favourites as they were so fun to create and even if you haven't used SFX products before, you can create some gruesome and really striking halloween looks. I wish I could create more but sadly I don't have any more time as it's almost Halloween!

What do you think of these zombie inspired halloween looks? Have you tried using SFX makeup? 

Happy *almost* Halloween!


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