Cruise Photo Diary + OOTD: Toulon, France

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Continuing on from my first Royal Caribbean cruise photo diary post all about Gibraltar, this next post features the beautiful city of Toulon, France. We arrived in Toulon on the 14th August after a rocky night on the ship due to the mistral (a seasonal storm around the south of France which we also experienced a few years ago).  The day after we were in Toulon was the day celebrating the liberation of Toulon/Provence and there was going to be a parade with the president of France there as well as other heads of state!
We booked a walking tour excursion of Toulon and after getting on the water taxi/tender to the shore we met with our guide. The mistral made walking around in a dress a bit of a struggle - trying to keep my hair out of my face, my sunglasses on and my dress at an appropriate level while trying to take photographs was multi-tasking at its hardest! We walked along the harbour and around gorgeous streets, there was graffiti some of it nice others not so much. There was one sign that said 'warning: zombies ahead' which I had to photograph - see my photos above. Toulon was a beautiful city, I would definitely like to visit again. The south of France is so beautiful! Thanks to my sister Aimee for taking all of my travel OOTD pics! Feel free to check out her student nurse/lifestyle/food blog, link - here!
Here is my OOTD: my dress is from Primark (gotta love the Primark £5 dresses)! My shoes are from Debenhams and my sunglasses are from Marc by Marc Jacobs via the sunglasses shop. You may have read or viewed my travel beauty posts or viewed my travel beauty photographs on my social media - I took those photographs from our balcony in Toulon. 

As with my first post on Gibraltar, if you have any questions about the city, sights, my outfit or royal caribbean and the cruise, just email me and I will try my best to answer your questions: 


  1. i can understand , walking around in dress can be difficult
    u look great in strip dress
    keep in touch

  2. love ur killer ootd , forever a fan here ,,, xoxo


  3. So glad I wore jeans that day! Great photos, you must have had a wonderful photographer! :)

    Mon Petit Billet


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