Month in Photographs: July 2014

Sunday, August 03, 2014
Well July has been a very random month! I have had a blog makeover which I love, I have been shopping, I've had a lot of items sent to me for review this month, meeting up with friends a LOT, visiting the Manchester Police Museum, winning competitions, I became a Sewlomax Ambassador, I became a Sigma affiliate, Patisserie Valerie with Yasmin, contact lens check up, my twitter account was hacked, friends birthdays, I am now an author for the website Hype & Genius and Bitchy Online - finally, I had some blood tests this month and I had a ultrasound scan of my you do. 

Firstly, I had some blood tests taken this month as my doctor thought I had PCOS and today (26th July) I had an ultrasound scan of my ovaries which I was super scared about but it was perfectly fine. The scanner person said at the time that I do not have cysts on my ovaries (TMI) but I still have higher than normal testosterone levels (all women have testosterone in them). I have to wait and see what my GP says about the results but it will probably be after my holiday. 

Anyway, I have also been shopping this month, I didn't think that I bought too much stuff but looking through the photos to create my 'july collective haul' post, I realised that a lot of money has been spent...oops was on sale and it is mostly for my holiday (justified). I have also received so many items from brands and PR's to review this month and I had a not very nice experience with a PR person this week which left me quite insulted!

I am now a Sigma affiliate (I received an amazing gift for joining, post coming soon) and I was chosen as a Sewlomax ambassador which is super exciting and I have a code for my readers to use (AMBASSADOR10). I am also a writer for the website Hype & Genius now as well as a beauty writer for the website Bitchy Online. Speaking of more writing, I have started writing my own novel/book! I don't know if it will amount to anything at all but I might as well try! Also I had an internship interview this month, I am still waiting to hear back. 

I have been loving watching sport this month with the World Cup 2014 (which was amazing and I am not a massive football fan), Wimbledon and now the Commonwealth Games - England have done so well already! 

Favourite TV and Youtube of July: QI, River Cottage and the Youtubers I have been loving include, Julia Graf, MakeupTIA and Rachael Jade Annear

The last bit of news is that I am going on holiday next month which will include my 22nd birthday (I'm old!). I'm going away from the 9th until the 23rd August - I will have some posts scheduled (hopefully that will work out) and I have a birthday giveaway on the 15th August, which is my birthday! If you email me between the 9th - 23rd I will get back to you on the 24th August. 

I hope everyone had a great month and stay tuned for some exciting review posts and a giveaway on my birthday (15th August)! 


  1. wow it looks like this month was full of adventures for you! I've had all those exams too, they tend to be scary before you get them and then after them you are good! congratulations on all the success to your blog and happy birthday!!! don't say you are old haha I'm 25 (crying face lol) I found your blog and I'm really loving it :) I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other to stay in touch.


  2. I hope everything goes well with your GP! I had an ultrasound done this month too (for the same reason) but thankfully my scan was all clear. xx


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