May Month In Photographs

Tuesday, June 03, 2014
When looking back through the months events to see what I have done I always think that it has been a boring month but there always seems to be a lot going on! Here is my May summary: Eurovision. Looking after my friends dog. Visiting the Yoga Show in Manchester with my sister. My two year blog birthday. My one year twitter birthday. Hay Fever for the first time. Looking for a job. Spring cleaning. Helping my sister with uni work. Friends birthdays. Lots of draft blog posts + photos. Blog sales. 10 years being a vegetarian. New veggie food blog. Guest blog posts/interviews. Base Magazine feature. Royal Caribbean cruise booked - I will be in Florence for my 22nd birthday, thanks mum + papa. 
Phew, firstly I celebrated a few milestones this month - I am now a vegetarian of 10 years! My blog is now 2 years old and my twitter account turned 1 this month. Oh and I made my first Sephora order a few days ago! I have been a guest blogger on Pretty Good Look and Just Jessica's blog. Also an article/feature I wrote is in a published print magazine! The magazine is called Base Magazine, click here to check it out. I also have a new blog, a veggie food blog, which I have just started, here

This month two of my friends celebrated their 22nd birthdays and I am literally the worlds worst present wrapper *ever*. I have done a lot of shopping recently thanks to blog/ebay sales so I have treated myself to quite a few things - hauls coming soon. On the topic of shopping, I am now a PopBasic ambassador, so you can get $15 to spend on Popbasic if you sign up (which is super quick and commitment free) through my link, here. 

One of the main things this month (apart from milestones, shopping, hay fever, yoga show + being super excited for our cruise in august) has been almost constant spring cleaning and sorting out. I love sorting out my wardrobe/makeup but it is so exhausting! My wardrobe is quite small but so very full, it is definitely a workout for my biceps sorting out my wardrobe! I currently have a blog sale running including makeup, skincare, clothing and more! 

May likes: the New Beauty Magazine Youtube channel, Game of Thrones, holiday clothes shopping, Great British Menu TV show, The Beauty Department website, The Sims 3 and Eurovision - I am in love with the UK's + Finlands entries (I have bought both of those songs and I pretty much have them on repeat shame). Oh and I love Chelsea Wears and Carrie Brightons blog. 

May dislikes: Hay fever! Constantly feeling like I have a cold and I have been getting the feeling like I need to cough constantly, does anyone else who has hay fever get this? 

Upcoming blog posts: Contouring for pale skin, april/may beauty buys, Pauls Boutique iPad case review, Elemis Mind range review + lots of initial impressions blog posts as well as hauls.

I just wanted to end this post by saying thank you so much to everyone who reads, comments and follows my little blog, I cannot believe it is two years old! I hope everyone had a great May!

Also I am going to the Essence launch event in Manchester at the end of June, has anyone else been invited - maybe we could meet up and go together?


  1. I love having a spring clean, it's so satisfying i feel like i need to do it soon!
    love victoriajanex

  2. Hay fever is horrible!! x


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