June: Month In Photographs

Saturday, June 28, 2014
Well June has been a busy month, here is what I got up to in June: I had an emergency dentist appointment, one of my cousins from Australia came over, Friends visiting, I visited my old primary school for the first time in years, my dads birthday, fathers day, Primary school summer fair, sale shopping, a doctors appointment, winning competitions, blog sales/ebay, hay fever, I bought my own domain name and I went to my first beauty blogger event and made some lovely blogger friends (and received a huge amount of makeup)!
Firstly, the boring news - I had to have an emergency dentist appointment (which isn't great if you are scared of all dentists as I am) and I had to have an anaesthetic injection, thankfully everything is fine now. I also had a doctors appointment this month to check out a mole, which I think is really important for everyone to do if you think it has changed - mine is benign but I am having a few blood tests taken in the next week or so as a kind of body MOT. Oh and hay fever has been awful this month - I noticed someones tweet a while ago saying they had an injection to stop their hay fever, if anyone knows about this can you let me know in the comments. 

Now onto some nicer topics of conversation, I have won quite a few competitions this month including a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses, most of the prizes have arrived now but I can't wait for the sunglasses to be delivered, they will be perfect for my holiday in august! Also I have been lucky enough to test quite a lot of products this month such as the Sewlomax lipstick pouch, Moroccan Oil and many more! I also have my own domain name now, it was a bit complicated from the site I used but I contacted customer support and it was easy from there. I do have more reviews and giveaways coming soon so stay tuned!

This month I have also been able to visit my old primary school a couple of times, once for a little tour with my mum (who works there) and one of my best friends. We also visited the school again for the summer fair, my friend Yasmin made the most delicious brownies ever - she has her own food blog (here) so hopefully she will post a recipe for them. Also it was my dads birthday this month as well as fathers day and one of my cousins who now lives in Australia came back for a week and scared me with all of his photos of spiders, snakes and other creepy Australian wildlife! 

Oh and I cannot forget the world cup, completely unsurprising that England were out so soon, we never even get close to winning! I really wanted Italy to win but now it has to be Germany to win! I cannot believe that Suarez bit a player, for the third time in his career - thankfully he has been banned for 4 months but I don't think it is long enough really, especially as it isn't the first time he has done it. And for the Uruguay team to say that it is nothing and that they seem to think it is normal behaviour says a lot about the Uruguayan team/managers. Rant over, sorry!

Lastly, I was very kindly invited to the launch of Essence cosmetics in the UK and it was such an amazing event. I met some lovely bloggers (Caitlin, Siobhan and Imogen) and we received amazing goodie bags which contained so much makeup - our gigantic goodie bags were so heavy to carry around Manchester! The post and giveaway are coming soon!

Favourite youtube channels of June: MakeupbyTIA, Essie Buttons vlogs, Clothesencounters, TalkBeautyTalk and Karissa Pukas.

Favourite food of June: Vidid Elderflower Drinks, Linda Mcarthney fish free scampi (sounds ridiculous but I LOVE it) and sweet 'n' salty popcorn!

That was my month in photographs, I hope everyone else had a great June! My next post will probably be the Essence event + a little giveaway x


  1. Hi there^^,
    I love your pink nailart! It´s so perf for summer :)

  2. It looks like you had an amazing month! :)
    I wish I could have attended the essence event as it looked like an amazing time looking at fabulous new products! I look forward to seeing your post about the event.
    I love reading these kinds of posts and just posted my monthly round-up yesterday too but it's scary how quickly the months are flying by!

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

    1. It was a fantastic event - I have a few essence review posts up now x

  3. It seems like you had a great month!
    So many beauty products around you, I'm so jealous.
    You're lucky, I've always wanted a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses! This really was your month.

    Abbey xx


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