Week in photographs #49/50

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Christmas week, today is boxing day in the UK so all of the sales have officially started (although lots of sales started well before - madness). I never brave the chaos of the shops on boxing day, it would be crazy busy! Here are the photographs and main events of the past two weeks: baking, festive/new year makeup, prizes, sale shopping, Christmas nail art, winning competitions, Christmas eve/day and presents - oh and Christmas tv/films (doctor who, goodbye Matt Smith - hate the new doctor!).
I have been creating a lot of Christmas nail art (I have already published about 12 designs) and also festive/party/new year makeup has taken over! I have a few new year makeup posts coming soon - hint hint, the black wig!! I will also have a few sale shopping buys posts soon too, I haven't gone crazy as I did last year but I have made some orders from SpaceNK, Amazon, Newlook, Escentual and more.
I have had friends over this past week for a chat, catch up and to exchange Christmas presents. We always end up laughing like idiots and I made some yummy chocolate muffins (one of my many prizes from marks and spencers) which are gorgeous. I will be making cheeseburger cupcake for new year so I will post a recipe and step by step guide (if they turn out well).
I have been receiving and testing quite a few items over the past two weeks so I will have even more review posts coming in January. As for Christmas eve and Christmas day my granddad came round to our house for the day and we played rayman raving rabbids which he loved and I had too much chocolate. Also we have been crying laughing at the new photo booth effects on my sisters MacBook, love the chipmunk and frog effect!
I'm ill today, nooooo so I will be watching tv all day! I hope everyone had a great Christmas day and boxing day! Oh and check out my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish giveaway (UK only), click here! x


  1. Hope you had a good Christmas :) Looking forward to your January reviews!



  2. Loved how you have put the liner on
    Merry Christmas
    Don't forget to enter my $50 Choies Giveaway

  3. Replies
    1. I will have a post soon with a step by step guide for the liner :) x

  4. Seems like you had a lovely Christmas filled with baked goods and good company. :) I look forward to your step-by-step recipe for cheeseburger cupcakes - it sounds like it could be good!

    1. Hopefully the recipe (if everything turns out well) will be up on the 2nd maybe x

  5. We hope you're better now! We love the nails and winged liner! We can't even do a simple winged liner let alone something so fancy!


  6. Lovely pictures and glad you enjoyed your Christmas!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  7. Cute post! I love the nail art! Just found your blog and really like it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Facebook or bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


  8. Great post :)
    I'm a new follower by the way =) xx

  9. Those nails are probably the most adorable thing I have ever seen (well, on nails :) )!

    Shani x

  10. I got so many ideas from this post, I loved it!!

    A chic kiss from http://justohana.blogspot.com.es/ feel free to stop by ;)

  11. Gorgeous nails! huge fan of the space dust polishes by Rimmel. And I have to say I have serious hair envy here. Your hair is gorgeous.



  12. That eyeliner is so cool!


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