November Collective Haul: Primark, Boots, Ark & more!

Friday, November 29, 2013
This month hasn't really been about shopping for me (which is a very strange thing for me to say!) as I just keep telling myself that the Christmas sales are nearly here! I'm saving up a bit but I have allowed myself a few cheeky buy from Bathandunwind, primark, Ark, Boots and H&M etc over the month of november, most are sale/offer items....I am trying to justify it....
Firstly, the beauty items! I made three small orders on Bathandunwind as they had an amazing offer! If you bought anything you received a free Aromatherapy Associates duo bath oil set (worth £17)! It is an incredible offer so I bought the Nuxe reve de miel lip balm in one order then a Dr Bronner lavender soap in another, then finally a Dr Bronner green tea soap - so I received three Aromatherapy Associates duo sets worth £17 each, for free! Amazing! 

I also made a couple of cheeky buys in boots, namely the new Essie Winter trio which I bought for only £9.99 which is amazing too. The shades for gorgeous and I have heard so many good things about from lily pebbles etc. Even though the polish bottle are minis, the brush is still the same width as the normal size polishes which is great as I hate tiny/thin nail polish brushes. I also bought a hair dye and the Una Brennan rose facial scrub from boots - I am loving the Una Brennan face scrub!

Now on to clothing, I have some bits from Primark, Ark, H&M, Missguided and Asos. Ark (a Manchester based store/online shop)had an amazing sale earlier in the month in which a lot of jumpers and dresses were reduced to £ would have been rude not to buy anything! I bought the dress above which has a gorgeous black/gold lace top half and the skirt of the dress is burgundy velvet, it was £5 and I freakin love it! I also bought the black jumper (bottom far left) from Ark and it was £5 as well. I bought more sale bargains from Asos including my winter floral dress which I wore to the T.G.I Fridays Blogger Event this month. I love the dress, it is petite and I bought it for £19. From Missguided I bought a gorgeous basic green skater dress for just under £8, I am currently loving their products. 

Now primark, they are pretty much on it at the moment with great knitwear. I bought three jumpers (same style different colours) from Primark. They are basic, round neck, long sleeve jumpers and they are only around £7/8. I bought the beige and charcoal versions pictured above and a deep green one previously. I also bought a red/black tartan scarf for £4 which I wore to the Manchester Christmas Markets last weekend, click here to see the photographs

There are my purchases for the month of November! What have you been buying this month? x

I am having a few problems with my blog, hence the change of design and the 'home, about, contact and PR' links do not work - hopefully everything will be working properly on monday/tuesday x


  1. I like the green dress + the leather jacket outfit. Perfect colors for the holiday season :)

  2. I love your purchases! Great bargain you got there! Following you on GFC and bloglovin. Looking forward to you next post sweet x

  3. Great little haul, looks like you made an amazing deal with the bath oil. I have to try them out!!

  4. Lots of great things. I love the way you showed them all in a snapshot like this.
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog

  5. Those Essie colors look really pretty, ahhhh I have painted my nails in forever!

  6. I wish Australia had Primark, along with all the other stores that I adore. Great post, loving your little shopping spree!

    1. My cousins that moved to Australia miss primark too! Thanks x

  7. I absolutely love Ark! What a good offer to get items for £5! x


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