October and November Empties: Bath and Body

Friday, November 23, 2012
 Now on to the small mountain of bath and body products that I have used up in the months of October and November (I ran out of time to make the October post in October!). 
 First up is a pack of hand wipes from H&M, I bought these months ago from www.HM.com  as they were only 99p or something around that price. I took these wipes on holiday with me in August and I only needed to use a couple so I have been taking them to university with me and I have now used them up. The wipes themselves stayed moist for months, they smell nice, they didn't really irritate my skin and they didn't leave any residue on my skin afterwards. 

The next two product are body scrubs and over the past month or two I have been obsessed with body scrubs as my skin has been getting drier because of the cold, wet, windy weather in the UK. The first body scrub I have used up is the Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Scrub which I bought in a Body Shop sale a while ago as it was only £3 at the time. The best way to use this product, in my opinion, is to use it on dry skin before having a shower/bath as the scrub isn't really exfoliating when used in the shower on wet skin. When used on dry skin this scrub is nice and exfoliating but it is not too abrasive. The scent is a bit of a let down for me as I thought it would smell a lot nicer than it actually does (I bought this online). Overall, a really nice scrub when used on dry skin, it softens/smoothes the skin and it does work well but the scent isn't for me. 

The second body scrub I have used up this month is the Soap & Glory Flake Away Scrub which is just the best body scrub I have ever used - it is really grainy which is what I like in body scrub - unlike the Body Shop scrub which is mostly body wash with some seeds in it. The scent of all Soap & Glory products is just divine, in my opinion and this product is no exception. Overall, a gorgeous scent, a exfoliating scrub but it remain fairly gentle on my skin - fantastic! 

 The last body product from November is a body butter from Boots, it is the Boots Fairtrade Almond Body Butter. This product came in a set with other mini body butters from the range and out of the couple that I have tried this scent is my least favourite. The scent isn't great, in my opinion but the body butter itself is really moisturising, fast absorbing and smoothing - it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. 

 ...now a very late October bath and body products empties post
The first empty product is the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter which I have been trying to use for maybe a year now but in October I use it constantly and I finally used up the massive bottle. The body butter is so moisturising, it is perfect for my really dry skin but even though it is super hydrating it doesn't make my skin greasy or heavy at all and it absorbs surprisingly quickly! The scent of this body butter is just gorgeous too - overall a fantastic body butter but as for the firming claim - it didn't firm my skin at all really!

Next is two body washes, the first was from a beauty box a couple of months ago and it is the Ayuuri Natural Coconut Body Wash which surprisingly doesn't smell anything like coconut! The body was itself was quite good and it lathered well but the scent is definitely not coconut - it is more like old fashion cherry sweets/candy! The second Body wash I have used up is the Dr Bronner Rose Soap. I haven't been using this product as a body wash or as a hand soap, I have been using it as a makeup brush cleaner and it works really well for deep cleaning my makeup brushes - it smells nice too. 

The last two items are both from Soap & Glory and they are the Soap and Glory Mist You Madly Body Mist which I have the travel size of and it smells really nice, like all of the Soap and Glory products. Although because it is a body mist it isn't very strong and it doesn't last long on the skin at all so for this reason alone I wouldn't buy it again. The body mist overall is ok but I was using it as a linen/clothing spray as it isn't strong/long lasting enough as a body spray. The last item is the Soap and Glory Shower Puff which is MASSIVE! The shower puff is huge and it does work really well but it take a bit of getting used to! 

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