Jolie Box: October Overview

Saturday, October 20, 2012
I received my October Jolie Box yesterday and I am a little bit disappointed although overall it is a good box with a couple of brands that I haven't heard of. Also this months Jolie magazine feature FleurDeForce on the cover!
There are five products in this box including:

Balance Me Face Moisturiser (normal to combination; £6, 10ml): I like this brand especially as it is mostly natural and I am excited to use this product. Although I have normal to dry skin so this product isn't really made for my skin type. This moisturiser is apparently a bestseller product. 

Jason Aloe & Beeswax Lip Balm (£2.49): I have tried this lip balm twice now and it is really nice, it is really smooth and it applies quickly/easily. It smells nice, it tastes nice although it is mintier than I thought it would be. 

Moa Balm (£8 to £6): This balm is a multipurpose balm for dehydrated/chapped skin, so I may use this as a cuticle balm or a lip balm. I am excited to use this product and it looks quite interesting - but the tub is tiny!

Ritessens Exfoliant (no price found): This product is one of two full size products in this months Jolie Box. This is a facial scrub and it does have grains of product in the actual scrub. I haven't used this scrub yet but it looks good and it is not tested on animals and it doesn't contains any nasty ingredients. 

LOV Organic Herbal Tea 'lov is beautiful flavour' (£10.70, 100g): I haven't tried herbal tea before this one so I am excited to use this and the tea bags look really cute as they appear to be made from muslin. The tea smells absolutely amazing but it tastes horrible, in my opinion.

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