Halloween Nails: Bloody Chic!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
This year I thought I would create a simple, chic but Halloween inspired nail look - I don't usually do this at Halloween as I don't really celebrate the holiday.
Firstly, I started with a nail polish from Nails Inc in the shade 'Porchester Square' which is a gorgeous mushroom grey shade which is not too dark or too light, in my opinion. I found this shade for only £6 on latestinbeauty.co.uk - I really like this site, I have ordered from them twice and both times the order was quick and the items where presented really nicely. I applied the shade all over my nails; I found that this shade was very slightly patchy/streaky but when dry it was almost completely even and streak free. I then let it dry and I was surprised at how quickly it dried - it took less than five minutes to dry completely! 
I then applied my Wjcon make.it nail polish just to the tips using no stencils or stickers - just a steady hand (this does take some practise! The brand for the red nail polish is difficult to find as it is an Italian brand and I bought this product from their store in either Bari or Ravenna, Italy (I can't remember which). This red shade took longer to dry even with a thin layer which overall, the result was great, in my opinion. 

Happy Halloween!

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