Pre-Holiday Haul #3: Boots!

Sunday, August 19, 2012
I made a cheeky boots order as a Revlon product had been released and I was really excited to try it. Also Boots have a section on their website called 'when its gone, its gone' which contains discounted product - up to a 75% off discount! I bought a few things from the sale section of boots, as well as some regular things and some new releases!
These first two items were from the section section. Firstly, a Fudge Wet Head Conditioner (500ml) and guess the price? No, it was only £4.87! This item is an online exclusive and I am really excited to try it and it was such a bargain! The second item is a St. Tropez Tan Optimiser Soft Mitt which was also in the sale/offer section and it was only...87p! This item is also an online exclusive and it is 75% off. Great bargains from Boots and some great products too.
Yet another item from the 'when its gone, its gone' section of the Boots website is this little beauty! I saw this palette and I had to have it - and it helped that it was only £2.99 (and if you spend more than £5.99 on 17 products you get a free gift). This is the Boots 17 Spring Fling Palette in the shade 'Hazy Days'. This palette looks so cute, in my opinion and the pigmentation is really great. Overall a great little palette; I cannot wait to test it fully when I get back from holiday!
I bought this next product from the regular line of Boots 17 products so that I received the free gift on offer. This is the Boots 17 Sheer Moisture Foundation in the shade 'light'. I also bought this foundation as it says that it is moisturising and as I have dry skin I have to try everything foundation that states it is moisturising! Also this foundation was only £4.99 so if it didn't work it wasn't a big loss. This product is quite nice though; it has a nice light feel as it is being applied, it blends really easily and it has light coverage. I find that this foundation can feel fairy heavy on my skin and the colour is a tiny bit too orange for me - full review coming soon. 
As I spent more than £5.99 on Boots 17 products I received a free gift which contains: Bronzed cream blush, solo eyeshadow and a ultimate volume lip gloss - not bad for a free gift! I will not use the cream blush as it is a rusty orange colour. 
Although have tried the lip gloss in the shade 'in the nude' and the eyeshadow in the shade 'statuesque'. The eyeshadow is gorgeous, it is a champagne shade with rosy undertones and the lip gloss is a nice metallic rose too - although the lip gloss is  too metallic for me personally to wear on its own.
I last few things I bought included a mini Avene Thermal Water Spray which I bought as a cooling spray for holiday and as a possible make up setting spray - as my Caudalie Beauty Elixir is fairly expensive (but I love it, although the scent is really strong). The Avene spray was only £3.15 for a 50ml travel size.
The second item I bought is a new release from Revlon (new to the UK anyway, as these shadow sticks have been available in the US for a while now). I bought the Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick in the shade 'Torch' which has a pinky champagne on one end and a golden chocolate shade on the other end. I really like the texture of these shadows, they glide on to the skin so quickly/easily and the have good pigmentation (especially the shadow shade). A full review will be posted soon(ish)!

*Currently on a cruise so I will publish all of my cruise/holiday posts when I get back as being on the internet is a bit expensive - with Royal Caribbean*


  1. does the revlon smokey stick crease? because i have used cream eyeshadow before and they have creased. and what eyeshadow primer would you recommend? thanks!

    1. Hi, most eye products crease on me and this did after a couple of hours (with no primer) but with my Nars SmudgeProof Eyeshadow Base the Revlon stick creased after about six hours on me :) x


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