Pre-Holiday Haul #2: Zara, Redken and Revlon

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
I recently went to the Trafford centre (again) last Saturday as it is nearly holiday time and I needed some shoes but naturally I had to buy some other things! I went to Boots and Zara - the Redken shampoo was delivered the same day. 
Firstly, Boots, in particular Revlon. I have been really impressed with the new releases from Revlon over the past couple of months. I liked the Revlon lip butters and I adore the three Revlon Kissable Balm Stains. When I saw these Revlon Nail Art FrenchMix Duo Nail Polishes, I could not leave the store without one! I tried to find some swatches and images online but I couldn't find any - so I hope these swatches/photographs help! There were some interesting duo combinations including a baby pink and a metallic teal. Although I bought the most boring and natural one, obviously! I bought the shade 'Miss Perfect' which is a classic french manicure duo which looks gorgeous in the bottles but the pink shade is really streaky. Although the pink shade dries fully in about one minute, unlike the white shade which needs about ten minutes to dry. Overall, I am not very impressed with this product and at £7.99 it is not that cheap. 
I have been wanting to buy the Redken All Soft shampoo/conditioner for a while now but the price has always put me off. Then they were on sale on HQhair (and I had a 15% off code) so they were only about £6/7 each, so I bought them. The shampoo arrived but the conditioner didn't, apparently there is a problem and or delay with the manufacturer. I haven't tried the shampoo yet but I am excited to, although it doesn't really smell of anything which is a little bit disappointing. 
These shoes are available in the 'girls' section of Zara, as I have really small feet I have to get them from there but the sizes go up to an adult 5.5 (UK). I bought the black pair of these studded flats when they were in the Zara sale and they have now brought out a dove grey pair. At £30 a pair it is a little bit expensive for flats but I love them - especially the slipper style and the small metal studs!

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