Mini collective Haul: Amazon and Asos

Saturday, August 25, 2012
I had a code from Asos for 10% off and free next day delivery (for my birthday, which was very nice of them!) which was great as I forgot to buy a couple of things for my holiday. I bought a Fake Bake Mitt (£4) for applying MAC Face and Body (from Duty Free) to my legs while on holiday. I also bought a bottle of Make Believe Little White Lie Wash Off lighter Fake Tan (£4.50, 100ml). I bought this particular instant colour tan as I had the free next day delivery code (which is great as I only had a few days before my holiday!) and because it was on sale. 
Now, I don't wear fake tan and I only ever use products similar to this while on holiday so I am by no means an expert but I tried this product a few days ago (a few days before my holiday) and it is awful! It looks really red on my skin, it irritates my skin very slightly and it does not make my skin look natural or tanned. It makes my skin look like I have had an allergic reaction and sun burn at the same time! Although this product washes off really easily which is great! I would not recommend the Make Believe Little White Lie Wash Off Fake Tan but the Fake Bake Mitt feels really nice and I think it will work well. Full review and swatches will be posted after my holiday.
As well as a cheeky Asos (emergency) order I also made an order with Amazon as my Amazon voucher from had come through (if you would like a full post on my experiences and opinions of reviewing sites I will make that after my holiday - I am a member of two reviewing sites and I have been for more than a year). With my voucher I bought the first season of The Borgia's for £13.97. The Borgia's is an American TV series of a famous and influential Italian family who were alive during the 16th/17th century in Rome. I love the TV series and I cannot wait for season three next year!

I also bought the NYX Caviar and Bubbles Palette from the Runway Collection. I bought this palette for £12.49. I love neutral/natural palettes and I especially love this! The shades are gorgeous and they have good pigmentation and despite the reviews I had read about the shades being really glittery, I don't think they are. Most of the shades have a satin finish with tiny shimmer but some shades are matte and other are a little bit more shimmery. Overall, a gorgeous neutral palette that is definitely not glittery, in my opinion. Full review and swatches will be posted soon. 

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