Glossy Box: August 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012
I received my Glossy Box two days ago and it is the international edition! The six products in my glossy box were from the UK, Spain, Germany and Japan. This months box, for me, has a great range of products from nail care and skincare to makeup! My Glossy Box was delivered by Royal Mail and it came really early this month for some reason. 
There are six products this month including two make up products: a Glossy Box lipstick (shade: glossy pink) and an eyeshadow palette from the brand Vera Valenti. There are two skincare products: All for eve, Eve's balm (7g) and DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. There is also a bottle of Lipcote which I already have and a mini nail polish treatment - Pro White Original Nail Whitener. 
Glossy Box Lipstick (Glossy Pink) & Lipcote Lipstick Sealer (£3.69)
Firstly, the two lip products. As stated previously, I already have a bottle of Lipcote which I haven't used so I really didn't need another bottle. The second lip product is a Glossy Box lipstick in the shade 'Glossy Pink'. The shade in the tube looks gorgeous - a rosy wearable red. Although on my lips this shade is a baby pink and it makes my teeth look a bit yellow! Not an impressive box so far...
DHC Cleansing Oil (£3.50 - £18.50) & All For Eve Eve's Balm (£4.95)
The box contents gets a lot better now with the two skincare products. The first skincare product is the DHC Deep Cleaning Oil, which I am really excited to try and it has some really impressive claims. The second skincare product is the All For Eve 'Eve's Balm' which is a moisturising balm for chapped skin. I have used this balm on my hands/nails/cuticles and it works really well and it smells herbal and floral - like lavender. These two products make up the box for me, they are the best products, in my opinion. 
Vera Valenti Professional Colour Eyeshadow Palette
One of the last products is this fairly neutral palette which is apparently a cult beauty product in Spain. I have been to Barcelona (and I am going again next week) and I haven't seen or heard of this brand/product. I have used this palette a couple of times now and I do like it although the packaging look cheap and tacky. Also the pigmentation is not amazing but overall it is a good product and I will use it. 
Alessandro Pro White Nail Polish/Treatment 
I have tried this polish once and it has tiny specks of blue/violet shimmer in it which is supposed to make the nails look whiter. I don't have yellow nails at all (only after a horrible Rimmel green nail polish did I ever have yellow nails). I find that this product doesn't do anything really to my nails, although someone who have a yellow tint/stain to their nails may find this product useful but for me it isn't. 

Overall, a mixed box but I do like the palette and the two skincare products but I don't know whether to carry on with my subscription to Glossy Box. 

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