August Empties: Skincare & Makeup

Wednesday, August 29, 2012
I have used up quite a few skincare and a couple of makeup products this month, most of which are sample sizes so it does feel like I am cheating a little bit...but anyway here are my skincare and makeup empties for the month of august!

I have been using this makeup remover on and off for a while now and I have a love hate relationship with this product - I like that it removes my makeup fairly well and it doesn't irritate my skin but on the other hand it feels incredibly oily and disgusting on my skin. I really do not understand how Lancome can print 'non oily' on the bottle of this product - it is the most oily/greasy product I have ever applied to my skin! Overall, a good makeup remover apart from the very oily residue (although there are makeup removers that are far better and a lot cheaper). Definitely not recommended.
I have posted a full review of this product already (link here) so I wont talk about it too much. I do like this moisturiser but I find that it is not as moisturising as I need it to be and it is really expensive too! This moisturiser has a tint to it which I didn't expect but I feel like the tint to this product slightly evens out my skin tone. Overall, a nice product but not worth the £38 price tag, in my opinion. Not recommended, unless you have £38 to spend on a slightly average moisturiser.
I bought this lip balm a year or two ago from a Kiko Cosmetics store in Taormina, Sicily and from then on I was hooked - on the brand and this product. This product is just a lip balm but it leaves my lips really smooth, glossy and hydrated. This lip balm has also lasted a really long time too and the packaging is divine and quite expensive looking, for a lip balm. Recommended.
I received this cleanser travel size as a free gift with purchase (from a HQhair order I think) and I have finally got round to using it and I love it! This cleaner is great for my dry/sensitive skin and even though the scent of rose makes me think that this cleanser will irritate my skin - it doesn't. The cleanser is creamy and smooth and it applies really nicely; it feels quite luxurious and expensive. Overall, this cleanser is soothing, hydrating and easy to use/remove; although I feel like it doesn't deep clean my skin. Recommended. 
I have been using this product to apply my foundation for the past year or so (not the same sponge! I have gone through about ten sponges now). When I had eczema and my skin was incredibly dry/flaky this was the only tool I could use to apply my foundation as other products/brushes enhanced my skin flakiness/dryness but this sponge doesn't. A great tool for applying foundation as it gives an even, streak free finish. Recommended especially for those with dry skin. 
I had a sample of this foundation, which has been available to buy for a while now and it is slightly darker than my skin tone but disregarding the shade it is a gorgeous foundation overall. The texture is smooth and silky which allows the foundation to glide onto the skin and the foundation blends effortlessly. Although the only problem I have with this product is the glitter that is included within the foundation. I personally hate foundations with glitter in them so because of the glitter I would not buy this foundation. Not recommend as the glitter is fairly noticeable. 
Apivita Express Beauty Cucumber Face Mask (8ml, £3)
I have been able to use one sachet of this mask twice as there is a lot of product in one mask sachet. Firstly, this mask smells really nice - like the old Boots cucumber skincare range which were the first skincare products I used! The texture of this mask is nice and it applies quickly and easily to the skin. The mask has a cooling effect but then this mask does start to irritate my skin making my skin feel a bit tingly/burning and quite red in some places. Due to the irritation I experienced while using this face mask I would not recommend it for sensitive skin and I will not be buying it. Although I may try one of the other masks as they are available in M&S and they are really cheap too. 

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