August Empties: Haircare

Tuesday, August 28, 2012
This month I have been trying even harder than usual to use products up, as it was my birthday this month and I knew I would get some gorgeous bath/body/haircare products - I needed to make room for the new products I received and bought. So here are the haircare products that I have used up in the month of August!

I actually bought this shampoo from which is a fantastic website for cheap beauty products and fragrance. I bought this as it came with a free gift but I wasn't really bothered about the shampoo. I haven't used a foam shampoo before this one and I excepted it to be like the imperial leather foam shower gels and it is to an extent. The shampoo is a foam, it looks and feels like a foam but there is a downside - it does not lather up at all for me. Also as well as the poor lathering effect the shampoo also smells fairly unpleasant - like plastic and hairspray, in my opinion. Overall, this shampoo doesn't lather, it smells like plastic and because it doesn't lather I can't massage it into my scalp. Although it is very gentle on the scalp/hair and it did not irritate. 

I bought this product quite a while ago from Superdrug as it was on sale and it was released at the time where all hair products with argan oil were all the range. I had this haircare product for months and months and it has only just kicked the bucket! The products itself is ok, it is just an average hair cream that claims to smooth and defrizz. I find that this product only worked with my hair when my hair was wet/damp and it does defrizz and smooth my hair to an extent. I love the packaging for this product, not the colours or the design but the pump dispenser. Overall, this product does defrizz/smooth my hair to an extent, it has a pump dispenser but it has that artificial watermelon scent that most cheap haircare product have. 

I received this product as a free gift a long time ago and I have only just got round to using it. This product is a hair smoother and I have a 10ml bottle of this as a sample size. This one small bottle lasted quite a while and it smells quite nice - herbally but fresh. I was not as impressed as I thought I would be with this product - it does smooth and defrizz my hair to an extent but the effects were not amazing, for me anyway. Overall, a nice but fairly average product with an expensive price tag. 

I received this product free with my GHD's a year or two ago and I just adore this hair mask, although I believe it is now discontinued unfortunately but it is available to purchase on eBay. This hair mask smells really nice, it leaves my hair really detangled, smooth and soft. This hair mask is one of the best that I have used!

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  1. Great review Heather... would love to give it a try after reading your review :) Argan oil health benefits


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