August Empties: Bath/Body & Fragrance

Thursday, August 30, 2012
This month I only have a few bath and body products but I also have a couple of fragrance products that I have used up this month as well. This month I have one body lotion (which is amazing), one shower foam (not amazing), one body wash (also not amazing), a body fragrance and a room/pillow spray. 
I received this shower foam as a present and I was excited to try it as I like shower foams and I also like the brand. Although I expected this product to be similar to the Imperial Leather shower foam but it isn't. This product is nothing like a shower foam - it is not foamy at all! Overall, the shower gel doesn't foam up at all, it smells like plastic and it is just an average product. Not recommended. 
I received this product in one of the beauty boxes that I subscribe to (I think it was  a glossy box) and I was not very excited to try it - unlike the rest of the beauty blogging community which seemed to go mad over this brand and their products. I do not understand the hype of these products as to me they are average quality and very overpriced. This body wash was very average, it didn't do anything spectacular and it is unscented - which is great if you have sensitive skin (on the body) which I don't. Overall, to me these products are over hyped and this product in particular is very average. Not recommended. Also the packaging feels really cheap and the lid broke after opening the bottle for the second time!
I have a small 30ml travel size version of this body lotion and I did take this product on holiday with me (I arrived back in Manchester on Saturday and I was welcomed back with torrential rain, thunder, lightening and hale stone, typical!). Anyway, I used this product as an after sun and it works so well as a soothing after sun as it is very moisturising but light. This product does have a scent which is a little bit unusual but it is really nice and fresh, in my opinion. This moisturiser does not take long to absorb and it leaves my skin feeling moisturised, smooth and soothed - a great body lotion and after sun! Recommended.

The last two products I have used up this month are two fragrances. The first is a eau de toilette from Yves Rocher (one of my favourite but not very widely available in the UK brands). The Yves Rocher Yellow Peach Eau De Toilette (20ml, £5) has a gorgeous fresh peach scent but it has the worst longevity on the skin - it lasts for about two/three hours at the most on my skin. But I find that this product lasts a lot longer on clothing/linen so I have been spraying this product on my clothing and on my bed linen and it works really well as a linen spray. Overall, the scent is nice and very uplifting, it works well as a linen/clothing spray but it has very poor longevity on the skin. Secondly, I have used up a bottle of the Avon Sleeptherapy Goodnight Pillow Mist (200ml, £4.50-£2). I find that this product does smell really nice like musky lavender but it does not help me sleep really. 

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