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Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Goldwell Scalp Foam Shampoo (£6.45, 250ml) and free travel set
I purchased this shampoo from (a great site for bargains - they have Essie nail polishes on now for only £4.95!). I bought it as there was an offer/code going around for a free travel set with any Goldwell purchase (code: volumefree), the code many not work anymore. I have tried this shampoo once and I really like it; it is really unusual using a foam shampoo, it is like using a foam shower gel. The free travel set is great, it has a shampoo, treatment, mousse and hairspray included. 

Kringle American Flag Burner (£4) and Wax Tarts/Potpourri (set of 15 for £15) 
I have only tried one item from Kringle Candle before; the lavender tea lights; which quite very disappointing but I wanted to try the brand again. Also I wanted to try wax tarts/potpourri so I had to get a burner. I bought the American flag ceramic burner as it was really cute and it was only £4. I also bought the pack of 15 wax tarts/potpourri in the food/spice scents (links to both products above). Kringle candle are having a offer on now where if you spend £5 you get a free wax tart - I spent £19 (£21.50 with shipping) so I received three free wax tarts! The free wax tarts I received where in the scents: beachside, balsam fir and another maple sugar. The scents that I am most excited to use include: hot chocolate (yes, they make a hot chocolate scented candle!), pancake breakfast, creme brulee and bakers vanilla. I have only tried the scent 'maple sugar' so far and it is gorgeous! Overall I love the American flag burner, the scents sound gorgeous and the maple sugar wax tart is quite strongly scented and the scent lasts for about six to eight hours. 

Body Shop, Vo5, Riverisland, Le Edge, AmericanSoda and Transformulas Teeth Whitening

Firstly, the body shop, as they where having a sale I bought a couple of things (like I need anymore body shop products, but it was on sale...that's my excuse for this haul!). I bought the spiced vanilla hand cream and the spiced vanilla 200ml body scrub. Both products are from the Christmas line and I have only tried the hand cream so far but I am not overly keen on the scent. The scent is that of vanilla and spices but it does smell quite musky which is what puts me off the scent slightly. The hand cream overall is fantastic though and the scent is growing on me. The hand cream was only £1 and the large 200ml body scrub was £3. 

Secondly, teeth whitening...I saw the Transformulas Teeth Whitening kit on and it was only £10 (£13/14 with delivery costs) so it wasn't a big loss if it didn't work. I have only used this once and it was really easy to use although the whitening gel comes in a tube with an applicator (like a lip gloss) and the gel can come out of the tube when you try and close the lid - so some of the gel gets wasted (a full review of this product will appear in the next month or so, so I can give it a fair test). 

Another product I bought is a strange device called 'Le Edge'. I saw this first on youtube and then on (free UK delivery). Basically what it is, is an exfoliator but it looks like one of those plastic blade less razors from Veet. It has a plastic handle and a small strip of metal on the top and you just gentle run it along the skin (on legs, arms, chest etc) and it exfoliates the skin. It is very strange to use and it doesn't look like it is doing anything but it does leave my skin really smooth. This product was quite expensive at £20 (but I had a code so I only paid £17). I don't think it will replace my body scrubs or my body brush. A full review of this product will appear soon, so stay tuned! Link here.

Next, American Soda (a British company, based in Manchester, where I live!) import American foods and they have a fantastic website. I have ordered a few times from before and a couple of weeks ago they had a free delivery day, so I had to get some American goodies! This company does ship through out Europe, as far as I am aware. I bought the red velvet cupcake bites (which I really like) and the Rice a Roni broccoli au gratin (which I have bought numerous times now and I love it!). I would definitely recommend this site and definitely the Rice a Roni product. 

The last couple of things I bought where from Riverisland and Superdrug. I bought the new Riverisland 'Summer Chic' eau de toilette for £8. I love the original 'Chic' perfume from Riverisland but it didn't last long on me. The 'Summer Chic' scent smells floral and sweet but musky as well. I do not like this scent as much as the original and it can smell quite hairspray like at times. I would recommend buying the original and not this one. The last item in this haul is a Vo5 'give me moisture' shampoo and I bought it as it was only £1.99 at Superdrug

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