July Empties: Candles!

Saturday, July 28, 2012
Due to the horrible, rainy weather in Manchester (well all over the UK really) I have been inside for most of the month; writing reviews, blog posts and researching topics for my upcoming dissertation, so I have been burning a lot of candles this month. 
Firstly, a disappointing candle and a purchase that I regret - Yankee Candle Sweet Pea sampler. I bought this candle a while ago from ASDA as it was only £1 and I had never seen Yankee Candle in ASDA before. I have this candle in the small jar form as well as I am quite disappointed by this candle. Firstly, the scent is really musky but it is a fresh, floral musky scent - which sounds quite nice but for me this scent smells like cheap car air freshener/cleaning products! Not recommended. 

The second set of candles I have used up this month are from Sanctuary Spa - a brand that I really like and I have tried many of their products but these are the first candles I have tried of theirs. I a disappointed by these candles, although the box they come in is gorgeous! The candle are minis and look really cute (I am a sucker for any product that is miniature!) Although the candles look nice and smell nice in their glass jars; they do not smell of anything really when they are burning/melting, which is really disappointing. Not recommended. 
Some more candles! Yes, although these ones are definitely not as disappointing as the previous ones. Firstly, I have two empty candles from Slatkin & co (aka. Bath and Body Works). Anyone who is anyone in the candle loving world will know about Yankee candle and Bath and Body Works candles. I really like Yankee Candle (and now Kringle candles) but I adore Bath and Body Works candles; although they are hard to find in the UK unfortunately. I have.  the scents 'hot buttered run (how gorgeous does that sound) and 'oatmeal raisin cookie'. Both sound gorgeous and they are! They both smell like their description, they both last a fairly long time, they come in their own pots so they are not messy and they burn almost to the bottom of the container. Highly recommended.

Another candles that I have used up this month include: a really nice candle from Bomb Cosmetics in the scent 'Flower Power'. Flower Power is a sweet powdery floral scent (as the name would suggest) and the scent is fairly strong. I have tried about five or so candles from Bomb Cosmetics and I would recommend them but they are prone to scent inconsistencies (the scent strength is not consistent/even through out the candle). I buy my Bomb Cosmetic candles from eBay.co.uk as they are really cheap (eg: £3.99 or £4.99). 

Two Yankee Candles now which include: 'Lilac Blossoms' which is a gorgeous floral candle and my favourite thing about this candle is that the scent is fairly strong and the scent is very authentic - it is not a fake scent at all. It smells like Lilacs/flowers in the high of summer - it is gorgeous but I can't help thinking that people with hay fever will not like this candle. Recommended. 

And finally, the Yankee Candle from the World Journeys range in the scent 'Danish butter cookie' (aka. the most amazing candle in the world). I adore the scent of this candle it is just amazing, the scent is really quite strong, the scent travels really far and scent almost the whole house. Although this candle is not that widely available and  the wick broke so I can't burn it anymore so about 1/2cm is wasted. I highly recommend this candle. Link to my full review here

Also since buying a wax tart burner and a pack of wax tarts from Kringle candle I have used up quite a few unscented tea lights and the wax tarts in the scents: bakers vanilla (gorgeous), Maple Sugar (also gorgeous) and Kringle cookie, which is nice but it just smells like cinnamon to me.

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