July Empties: Bath & Body Products

Saturday, July 28, 2012
I have actually used up quite a lot of bath and body products this month - I have been on a shopping my stash kick (using up products I have had for a while)! So here goes...

I have had this body spray for a while and I did really like it when I first started using it but after I had worked my way through a 1/3 of the bottle I became fully aware of how awful this product was. The scent when sprayed initially is really floral, sweet and a bit like hairspray and the scent is very strong to start with. Then after about a minute the scent is hardly noticeable on me! Not recommended.

I have used up three body lotions this month (my personal best) and the first is the Body Shop's Cocoa Butter Hand and Body cream (£8, 250ml). I have a love/hate relationship with this product as it smells amazing! It smells almost exactly like the Lush Easter special bath bomb called 'donkey oaty'. It smells like chocolate to me and it has a smooth texture. Although when used as a hand cream this product makes my skin feel greasy and waxy at the same time - it is horrible as a hand cream. But as a body moisturiser this product is quite good as it sinks in fairly quickly and it leaves my skin hydrated. Another body moisturiser I have used up is the Dove Beauty Body Moisturiser which I received in a set this Christmas but I cannot find this product online. This moisturiser does not smell like original Dove products, it smells like sunscreen, which is quite disappointing as I love the smell of Dove products. Overall a nice, average moisturiser from Dove. The last moisturiser I have used up is The Sanctuary Spa Hand cream (£5.50, 75ml). I really liked this product as it: smells nice, it has a smooth silky texture and it absorbs fairly quickly but I did find that using this product was quite a chore and it became a never ending bottle! Overall a nice hand cream but there are better ones out there (such as L'Occitane hand cream and the Soap & Glory hand Food).

Another two product from the Body Shop now and unfortunately they where awful products, in my opinion. Firstly, the Body Shop Strawberry Body Scrub/Polish (£9, 200ml). I love the scent of this product but that is really the only good thing I can say about this product. The little seeds in the scrub do not exfoliate my skin but they get stuck in my bath scrunchie and the product didn't clean my skin as well as I wanted it to. Overall, a nice scent but that's it - not recommended. Another disappointing Body Shop product is the Body Shop Earth Lovers Shower Gel in the scent Fig and Rosemary (£5, 250ml). Firstly, the scent sounds really nice but to me this product just smells of orange juice, grass and kiwi fruit! The consistency of this product is so thin, it is just like water and the scent doesn't last on me. Overall, an awful shower gel and definitely not worth the money. Not recommended.

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