Disappointing Products #1

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hair Products 

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner (£2.26, 180ml). I love Dove products, it is one of my favourite body product brands (along with Lush) but this product was horrible! Firstly, this conditioner does not smell like most Dove products and it does not condition my hair! Another hair product that I was disappointed by is the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Mask (£7.99, 200ml). I have tried quite a lot of Lee Stafford products in the past and they have been great but this product was not. I know this product is meant for hair growth (which it doesn't help with, for me anyway) but it doesn't nourish, condition or detangle my hair at all! 

Skincare and Make-up Remover

Firstly, a product from Lush that I am fairly disappointed with; the Lush Full Of Grace Face Serum (£7.96, 20g). This serum is in a solid bar form and it melts easily onto the hands but it is difficult to apply to the face and I end up pulling my skin (not good, as pulling the skin causes pre-mature wrinkles). Also the scent is not very nice, the serum doesn't really do anything, the bar can get bits stuck to it and I don't think it would be good at all if you live in a hot country as it will probably melt completely. Now the make-up remover that I am disappointed with is: Clinique Take The Day Off Make Up remover (£16, 125ml). This product does remove my make up quite well, even my waterproof mascara but it makes my skin feel so greasy and I can't stand that aspect of this product - also it is quite expensive but I received this travel size as part of a free gift.


Yves Rocher Peach Eau de Toilette (£5, 20ml); I bought this product in a Yves Rocher haul a couple of months ago and it is the first fragrance that I have tried from Yves Rocher (on a side note I just love this brand). The scent is gorgeous, it is very fresh and it smells fairly authentic/real. Although the scent only lasts for about an one/two hours maximum on my skin. So I have been using this product as a uplifting/linen spray as the scent is very uplifting and fresh. Overall, a fantastic product but the longevity is very poor. The next fragrance product is the River island Perfect eau de toilette (£7, 200ml). I do like this scent on the whole but it can smell quite hairspray like and it is initially very strong and then the scent just disappears. 


I have a three of ELF products in this disappointing post and I do find ELF (eyeslipsface) products to be very hit and miss - although some ELF products are fantastic. Firstly, the ELF eyelid primer (£1.50, 4.81g). It is shimmery, it does not keep my eye shadows from creasing and it feels a bit greasy on the skin. The second disappointing ELF product is one of the new Primer Eyeshadows (£1.50, 6ml). I have the shade 'coco loco' and the shade is gorgeous and this product has a nice smooth texture. Although it is difficult to apply, it applies really quite patchy, it creases after about two hours and it is very difficult to work with (to apply/blend) - full review and swatches coming soon. The last ELF product that I am disappointed with is the Studio HD Under Eye Setting Powder (I don't think this is available anymore, even though I bought it quite recently). This product does not do anything more than a normal pressed powder. The powder is loose which makes it annoying to use and it is shimmery!

The last two products in this post are from Lipsmackers and Rimmel. The lipsmackers coca cola version is quite nice, it tastes nice but it irritates my lips and it is glossy but not very hydrating. The Rimmel Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara (£8.19). Firstly, I love the packaging! Although the bristles on the wand are quite spaced out (in comparison to my other mascaras) and the wand has far too much product on it. The wand has so much mascara on it that I have to wipe the wand on paper to get most of the product off so I can use this mascara.

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