June Empties 2012: Skin Care

Friday, June 29, 2012
I have just completed a blog post about the hair care products I have used up in june 2012. This is the second empties post and it is all about  the skin care products I have finished in the month of June. I have dry and sensitive skin so the products mentioned in this post will mostly cater to people with a similar skin type to mine. Firstly, cleansers...

I have already composed a blog post about this cleanser so I will not write too much about it but a summary of this cleanser would be: amazing for sensitive skin, does not irritate my skin at all...amazing! Highly recommended.

I have been using this product for maybe five months and I finished this cleanser two weeks ago - I used up my avene cleanser after this. I think this cleanser is really nice, it cleans my skin well, it does not irritate my skin and it makes my skin feel smoother and clearer. Although I find that this cleanser does not deep clean my skin and it is a bit expensive, in my opinion. Recommended.

I have been using these instead of my boots cucumber wipes and I have to say that I like the boots cucumber wipes more than these. I really like these tesco wipes as they are very cheap, smooth on the skin and they remove my make up well but they can irritate my skin slightly. I will be sticking to my boots cucumber wipes. Recommended, unless you have fairly sensitive skin.

I love this moisturiser! I did have extremely dry flaky, itchy skin (on my face and around my eyes) due to eczema and this moisturiser was a life saver. I now just use this mosituriser when my skin is extra dry and it is so amazing. This product soothes my skin, stops my skin from feeling tight, dry or irritated. Although the scent is not very nice and it is very thick but I mix it with my Simple Rich Moisturiser to make it less thick.

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